How to Change The Size and Position Of The Windows 8 Start Screen

how-to-use-immersive-tailleIt leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to customizing the Windows 8 Start Screen, the desktop and just about anything. A lot of third party apps and utilities have sprung up to help users personalize their Windows 8 experience. ImmersiveTaille is one such app that lets you change the size and position of the Windows 8 Start Screen and access it easier from your desktop.

How to use ImmersiveTaille in Windows 8

1. Head to ImmersiveTaille’s Sourceforge page and download the software.


2. Unzip the archive and click to start it.

3. You will see your Start Screen pop up on your desktop. From here, you can immediately begin clicking tiles and opening apps.


4. Click the “ImmersiveTaille taskbar icon” to get started customizing the Start screen.

5. Click the “French flag” in the bottom left corner. This will allow you to change the language for the program. For this example, we will be setting ImmersiveTaille to English by clicking the “UK flag.”


6. The Basic tab allows us to choose the location of the Start Screen on the desktop.


7. Select “FullScreen + Taskbar,” then click “Overview.”


You will now see a full screen view of the Start screen along with your taskbar on the desktop. This gives full functionality to users who want to use Windows 8 exclusively from the desktop as opposed to going back and forth between it and the Start Screen.

8. Click the “ImmersiveTaille taskbar icon” to open the settings again, then click “Advanced.”


The Advanced tab lets you choose the exact positions of the Start Screen as well as the width and height.


This allows you to fully customize just where it sits and how it works on your desktop. If you do not like the full screen look, you can turn the Start Screen into your own.

9. Head back to the ImmersiveTaille settings and click “Settings.”


You can choose how the program interacts when you start Windows, as well as what happens when you close it. If you want your Start Screen to automatically load when you log on to Windows 8, ensure “Start with Windows” is checked.


ImmersiveTaille is an amazing way to customize how your Start Screen looks and feels from your desktop. This feature is something many Windows 8 users have longed for with the new version. What else would you like to do with your Start Screen in Windows 8?

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