Customize the Right Click Menu in Windows 7

Adding some extra features in the right click menu is a good practice to ease your work and save the time. You can add several items like Command prompt, Copy the contents to clipboard, CopyTo, MoveTo in your right click context menu in Windows7. These additions obviously will benefit you by saving your time. Let’s discuss about the methods one by one. All the methods described in this article are based on registry editing. So back up your registry before editing and keep yourself on the safe side.

Add “Open Command Prompt in This Folder” option

When you work in Command Prompt, many time you need to change the directory and generally you use the command “cd directory path”. If the file is in the deep of your hard disk then repeating the task to change any directory is quite boring. You can add an entry in the right click menu by which you can open the command prompt directly in the folder, just right clicking on it. Here is the simple registry tweak.

Press Windows key + R. Type “regedit” to open the registry.

Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell in the registry editor.

Create a new key under “shell” and name it “Command Prompt”.


In the right pane modify the value of “Default” by right clicking on it and then “Modify“. In the “Value data” field write “Command Prompt here”.

Similarly create another new key under the key “Command Prompt’ and name it as “command“.

Select the new key you’ve just created and modify “Default” similarly and put the following code in the “Value data” field.

cmd.exe /k cd %1


Now close your registry editor and right click on any folder. You should see the “Command Prompt here” option.


After choosing the option the command prompt will appear with the file path pointing to that folder.


Add “Copy the content to clipboard” option

Suppose you want to copy the whole text of the notepad document and paste it in MS Word document. So you will have to open the notepad file and then select all the text and then copy. But all the jobs can be done by just right clicking on the notepad file and and selecting the “Copy to clip” item.

Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\txtfile\shell in the registry editor.

Create a new key under shell and name it “Copy to clip”, following the same procedure as the previous case. In the right pane modify the value of “Default” and you can give any thing meaningful that will appear in the right click menu, say “Copy the contents to clipboard”.

Again create another new key under “Copy to clip” and name it “command“. Right click on “Default”, click on “Modify” and put the following code in “Value data” field

cmd /c clip < “%1”


Right click on any text file and choose  “Copy the content to clipboard”. The content of the file is now copied in the clipboard.


Now you can paste the content in any application.

Add “CopyTo” option

Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers in the registry editor

Right click on ContextMenuHandlers and choose “New->Key”.


Give the name of the key as “CopyTo”.

Double click on the value named as “Default” in the right side. Enter the following code including the braces in the “Value data” field.



The CopyTo item will be added in the right click menu. Now right click on any file or folder and chose “CopyTo”. The following pop-up box will appear.


You can choose here the location where you want to copy the file or folder.

Add “SendTo” option

To add MoveTo item in the right click menu navigate to the same key as described above.

Create a new key in the similar way and give the name as “MoveTo”.

Similarly put the following code in the “Value data” field.


See that the MoveTo item has been added to the right click menu.


All the procedures described in this article works for Windows 7, Vista as well as Windows XP.



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