Customize the Notification Bubble in Ubuntu 13.04 (Using Patched NotifyOSD)

Back in Ubuntu Lucid, we have shown you how you can customize the notification bubble (also known as NotifyOSD) using a patched NotifyOSD and NotifyOSD Config. The good news is that the patched NotifyOSD has been upgraded to work in Ubuntu 13.04, so you will be able to customize it to your liking again.

The installation is very easy. Open a terminal and run the following command:

Instead of installing an additional GUI application just to customize the settings, you can open a text editor and paste the following settings. Save it as “.notify-osd” in your Home folder.

The configuration options are self-explanatory. You can change the bubble width, gap, color and opacity and even set it to close on click.

One thing that is not covered in the settings is the position of the notification bubble. For that, you can issue the following command in the terminal:

where [number] is any of the following:

Once you have done the configuration, restart the notifyosd:

and to test it:


Here is a video of the customized NotifyOSD in action.


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  1. Fantastic, I was just looking for this earlier today. Ubuntu has perhaps the most annoying default notification settings imaginable, just being able to click them away is a God-send.

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