Customize and Select Which Notifications You Want To See In Android

The Android notification bar is super useful. We’ve talked about several uses for this notification space such as adding reminder notes or adding application shortcuts. The thing about the Android notification bar is, it can get a bit congested. With all of the cool things you can do with it and see, it becomes a more of a nuisance than a useful tool. NotifyClean is an app made to help you regain your Android notification bar on rooted devices.

Installation and setup

Instead of an app that works immediately after installation, NotifyClean is more of a module for Xposed Framework. When the app starts, if you have not install the framework, it will prompt you to install it.


Installing the NotifyClean app from the Play store doesn’t really make it work in your phone, you will still have to install the NotifyClean module in Xposed Framework. When installing them, make sure to read the screen as you step through the process. It makes the installation go right the first time.


When the Xposed framework is installed and running, you will be able to see any updates for NotifyClean or the framework itself. If updates are available, download and install them followed by a reboot. Make sure to reboot at almost every step along the way or you will keep getting error messages and your frustration level will peak.


Using NotifyClean

After everything is up and running, when you open NotifyClean, you should see a screen with the different applications on your rooted Android device that have placed a notification in your notification bar recently.

To see previous notification displayed, you can click on the app tile. If nothing is displayed, there may not have been any notifications since NotifyClean was installed.

To halt any further notifications, you can tap on the specific event in the list or on the <All notifications, even unknown> option. What these two options will do for you is let you choose which notifications to see from specific apps.

While you are looking at the previous notifications, press the menu button in the top right of the window to get to the settings for this app remove all of the stored notifications.


At first I didn’t think there was much of a use for me to use NotifyClean. Once I had it all setup and was playing with it for a couple of days, I saw one use that made it really worth it for me. I take a lot of screen captures on my tablet for articles. After each screenshot, I need to go to the notification bar and clear out the notification so the icon doesn’t show up in the next screen grab. NotifyClean lets me halt that notification while keeping all of the other System UI messages. To me, that is useful.

Another use might be to eliminate email notifications from specific people or companies from showing up. Not all email apps have easy to use filters like Gmail does or should I say, not everyone knows how to or cares to use them. This method might be a little easier to use for some people.

How do you choose which notifications to see?

Trevor Dobrygoski Trevor Dobrygoski

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