How to Customize Your Android’s Lock Screen

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One of the things about Android phones that makes them so popular with users is the options available for customization. Android users can change their app drawer, notification panel, and the launcher if they choose.

One thing you might not think about customizing is the lock screen on the device. This is the screen that appears on the phone when you turn it on, and as the name suggests, it is the screen you need to unlock before gaining access to the phone.

The Android lock screen has many different options you can use to make it useful to you. The following are some of the changes you may want to try.

Change the Lock Screen Type

There are three different types of lock screens available on all Androids. They are pattern, PIN, and password. Newer phones may also have options for fingerprint- or face-recognition lock screens.

To change the lock type for your phone:

1. Swipe the notification bar down and click the gear icon to access the settings.

2. Click on Lock screen.

Customize Lock Screen Android Lock Screen Option

3. Choose “Screen lock type.”

Customize Lock Screen Android Screen Lock Type

4. Change the lock screen to use the type, or types, of input you want to use to unlock your phone.

Customize Lock Screen Android Lock Type Options

If you can’t locate the lock screen options using these directions, search for Lock screen in the search bar in settings.

Change the Lock Screen Wallpaper

It is not necessary to have the same wallpaper on your lock screen as you do on the home screen. You can set them as two different images.

To change the wallpaper only on the lock screen:

1. Open settings by swiping the notification bar down and clicking the gear icon.

2. Click on “Display” or “Wallpaper.”

3. Open the photo you want to use as the lock-screen wallpaper and then select the “Lock screen only” option.

Customize Lock Screen Android Set As Wallpaper

You can also change the wallpaper on some phones by opening the gallery.

1. Open the image you want to use.

2. Click on the menu icon (three vertical dots).

3. Select “Set as wallpaper.”

Customize Lock Screen Android Set As Wallpaper Gallery

4. Select “Lock Screen.”

Change the Message on the Lock Screen

Another useful option for the Android lock screen is having a message appear on the screen. You can put something inspirational on it or be more practical by adding an email address or another phone number you use in case you lose it and an honest person decides to return it.

To set the message on the lock screen:

1. Open the settings.

2. Click on “Display.”

3. Choose “Lock screen display.” It may be under Advanced options.

4. Select Lock screen message.

5. Type in the message you want to appear on the lock screen.

Customize Lock Screen Android Message

On a Samsung phone you will find this option under the Lock screen options. Look for Contact information.

Customize Lock Screen Android Contact Info

Change the Lock Screen Notifications

Most Android phones display notifications on the lock screen by default. If you want to stop that from happening so no one else can view these messages, you can disable it in settings.

To hide these notifications:

1. Open Settings.

2. Click Display.

3. Open “Lock screen display.”

4. Tap lock screen.

5. Choose the option you want to use for displaying notifications on the lock screen.

Customize Lock Screen Android Notifications

Third-Party Apps for Lock Screen

If you want to play around with the appearance of your lock screen even more, there are many different lock screen apps available in the Google Play Store. These apps let you apply different themes, change your notification styles, and add more content to the screen. Some even have the option to snap a picture of someone who tries to access your phone with incorrect input.

Some popular apps for the lock screen include:

Have you taken advantage of any of the customizations available for your Android phone’s lock screen? Which ones are your favorites?

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