How to Easily Customise Android’s Share Menu

The Sharing function in Android is a very useful feature that makes sharing files and content a breeze. However, the stock share menu in Android is pretty basic and doesn’t come with any customization option. In this article we will show you how you can customize Android’s share menu and personalize it to your liking.

Personalize the Android Share Menu with Andmade

The key to changing and cleaning up the Share menu on your Android device is an app called Andmare Share. When you first install the app, it will ask you if you want to go through the tutorial. If you decide to follow along, it won’t take too long, and it’s quite useful.

Once you have the app installed, try sharing something, and your phone will ask you if you want to use the original share menu or the app’s version. Tap on the app’s option. From then on that’s the only option that will automatically launch whenever you want to share something.

If you go to the app’s settings, you can give your new Share menu either a dark or light look. You can access Settings in two ways: by launching the app from your home screen or by tapping on the cog wheel right before you share something.


The Share menu can also be very cluttered. You probably don’t even use 95% of the apps you have on the list anyway. The app also lets you clean it up a little so that you only have apps you use. This is a real time saver since you don’t waste time looking for apps on the list.

Clean Up the Android Share Menu

Go to the app’s settings, and towards the bottom you’ll see the “Hidden Apps” options. Tap on it and start checking the apps you want to get rid of in the share list. Once you’re done, just exit the app, and your changes will be automatically saved.


During my testing, this feature worked perfectly and eliminated all those apps I never use to share anything. If you ever want to undo what you did, just go back into Settings and uncheck the app you want to see back on the list.

Share Your Files by Using Various Apps Simultaneously

Thanks to this app, you’ll also be able to share that one file to multiple apps at the same time. With the stock share menu, you can only choose one. If you need to share the file to another app, you have to repeat the entire process.

Since you’re probably going to share the file with a particular person (on Facebook for example), Andmade will take you to each of the apps you chose to share. From there decide who you want to share your file with until you’ve covered the apps you checked.

Pin Your Favorite Apps to the Beginning of the Share Menu (Nougat Only)

Being able to pin an app to the start of the share menu is something you can only do on Nougat. If you try to do this on Marshmallow, you’ll only see “App Info.” With Nougat, by just opening “Chrome -> Share” and long-pressing on a share app, you will see two options: App Info and Pin.


Tap on “Pin” and your favorite app will appear at the beginning of the list. Just repeat the process for the other apps you want to do the same with. If you ever change your mind and want to unpin the app, just repeat the process.

Order the Share Menu in Reverse Alphabetical Order

If the apps you usually use are always at the end of the share menu list, then you might want to give AppChooser a try. It’s a free app you can install right now on Google Play.


Launch the app and share something. When the pop-up appears, choose AppChooser. When the share menu appears, you’ll see the options to order them by frequency, reverse alphabetical order, or by history. If you want to hide any of the apps, just long-press on it to make it disappear.


The Android sharing menu has a long way to go, but thanks to the above tricks you can make things a little better. Technology advances pretty quickly, and hopefully the menu will get the overhaul it so desperately needs. Are you happy with your Android sharing menu?

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