How to Easily Download and Create a USB Linux Distro in Windows

For Windows users who want to try out Linux, the most common way is to download the ISO file of your preferred Linux distro, create a live USB with it and boot it up. However, for those who are not familiar with the various Linux distros, finding the download link for the appropriate ISO file can be a difficult task. In addition, creating the live USB can also be a headache for those who are not geeky. How about using Universal USB Installer to facilitate the whole procedure?

Universal USB Installer is a Windows-based software that allows you to select and download your preferred Linux distro and create a bootable USB Linux distro with it. It is provided by PenDriveLinux – a website that is focused on creating small portable Linux distro that can be run from the pen drive.

1. Download Universal USB Installer. There is no installation required. After the download, simply run the .exe file to launch it.


2. Select the Linux distro of your choice in the dropdown field in Step 1. It supports (almost) all favor of Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Mythbuntu, Fedora, Debian, Backtrack, OpenSUSE, Puppy Linux, Linux distro for kids and many other distros that you have not heard before.


3. Once you have selected the Linux distro, check the box “Opted to download the iso” beside the dropdown field. It will prompt you if you want to complete the download before proceeding to Step 2. Click “yes”.


Note that the software doesn’t download the iso for you. It simply direct you to the site to manually download the iso.

4. Once you have downloaded the ISO, proceed to Step 2. Add the file path to the downloaded iso file. Select the USB drive in Step 3. You can also adjust the persistent file size here. Lastly, click “Create”.



5. Once the installation is completed, you can reboot your computer and boot into the Live USB.


Universal USB installer is strikingly similar to LiLi, another Windows-based Live USB Linux distro creator that we have covered before. The difference is that LiLi comes with a virtualization tool for you to boot up the distro in Windows while Universal USB Installer don’t. If you are not sure of which distro to use, or the procedure to create a Live USB, then Universal USB Installer is a useful tool for you.

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