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Wondering how to create a TikTok story? We can show you how!

Tiktok Stories Featured

Previously popularized by apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, Stories has now made it to TikTok. A new update now allows users of the video-focused social networking service to post images and videos that will stay on the app for 24 hours before being deleted. This article shows how you can get started with your first Story on TikTok.

How Are TikTok Stories Different?

Generally speaking, TikTok Stories work in pretty much the same way as stories on other social media apps. However, there are a few differences worth mentioning.

For instance, Stories on TikTok will appear in the “For You” feed just like regular videos. On top of that, unlike what we’ve seen with other social media, viewers will be able to leave a public comment on the Stories. Typically on other platforms, users can only reply to the person who posted the story, so you can’t start a public discussion regarding the content that was posted.

At the same time, TikTok Stories are different, as they don’t allow the original poster to see who viewed them. You’ll see the number of people who watched your Story at the bottom, but it won’t be possible to know who opened your Story unless they post a comment or like it.

Moreover, the Stories you post won’t show up in your Profile grid, just like your regular videos. Even so, you’ll still have to visit a user’s profile and can view their current Story by pressing on their profile picture. If they have a Story posted, you’ll notice a blue circle around their profile picture.

How to Create Your First TikTok Story

Before proceeding, make sure you have the latest version of TikTok installed on your device. The update that brings Stories to the app is pretty recent, so visit the Play Store, search for TikTok and see if an “Update” button is available for the app. If it is, press it and allow the app to do its update before looking for Stories. If you have auto-updates turned on, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the “Profile” icon in the lower-right corner.
Tiktok Stories Profile
  1. You will see a blue “+” button underneath your Profile picture bubble.
Tiktok Stories Profile Pic Plus
  1. Press it to start uploading your first Story.
  2. Alternatively, tap the “Post” button at the bottom, create or upload a photo or video as you’d normally do, then post the content as a Story.
Tiktok Stories Post
  1. To create your Story, you can use both videos and images. It’s possible to record a 15-second video or snap a single photo via the “Quick” option. It will be selected by default, so you just need to press the large red button at the bottom.
Tiktok Stories Quick Options
  1. You can add effects before even creating the video or photo. Simply tap on the “Effects” button, and TikTok will record the video or take the photo with the effect already applied. There are numerous options to choose from.
Tiktok Stories Effects Selection
  1. Alternatively, upload a picture or video from your phone’s gallery by hitting the “Upload” button.
Tiktok Stories Upload
  1. If you wish to shoot a larger video, you’ll have to switch to “Camera” and select either the “60s” or “3m” options. (The “15s” option is on by default.)
Tiktok Stories Camera Options
  1. TikTok also offers a bunch of Story templates that you can access by pressing “Templates” at the bottom.
Tiktok Stories Templates
  1. This gives you access to a library of custom blueprints that will easily make your Story stand out from the crowd. Each template requires you to upload a certain number of photos (which is specified). It will then apply various effects on your pics.
Tiktok Stories Templates Options

Story Customization Options on TikTok

There are various ways to make your Story more attractive on TikTok. Once you’ve selected the photo or video, you’ll be able to customize your creation using the menu on the right, which includes various options.

Tiktok Stories Editing Options

Text – lets you add colored text to your Story. You have various fonts to choose from and can highlight your final text.

Tiktok Stories Add Text

Stickers – allows users to add various stickers (including animated) and emoji to their Stories, including their own. (Tap on the third “Add Image” button to do that.) From here, you can also add mentions, hashtags and create a poll.

Tiktok Stories Add Stickers

Filters – TikTokers can also add filters to their Stories from a selection of many.

Tiktok Stories Editing Filters

Privacy Settings – a very important option that lets you decide who gets to view your Story. Either make it completely private, allow everyone, or only allow friends to view it. From here, you can control whether you want to allow comments on your Story.

Tiktok Stories Editing Privacy Options

Voiceover – adds a voiceover to the story. Simply record your voice (or someone else’s) by tapping on the “Record” button and the result will be added to the Story.

Tiktok Stories Editing Voiceovers

Voice effects – if you’ve uploaded a video, you can access various voice effects such as Robot, Elf and more, provided your video has a voiceover applied to it.

Tiktok Stories Editing Voice Effects

Adjust clips – if you’re using a video for your story, you can use this option to portion your clip as desired.

Tiktok Stories Editing Adjust Clips

Enhance – a button that automatically enhances your picture/video. Tap on it and see if you like the result.

Tiktok Stories Editing Enhance

Add sound – this button at the top lets you add an audio background to your Story. Tap on the magnifying glass to search for your favorite song. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find it in the TikTok music library.

Tiktok Stories Editing Music

Posting and Editing Your Story

  1. Once you’ve edited your story to your satisfaction, simply press on the “Post to Story” button at the bottom to post it.
Tiktok Stories Post To Story
  1. If you remember later that you want to add something more, it’s easy to do: just open your story and press on the camera icon to add more photos and videos to your story.

Note: You can’t edit your existing Story, so you won’t be able to add additional stickers or change the voice effect.

Tiktok Stories Editing Add More After Publication
  1. Alternatively, press on the three dots on the right to send the Story to someone or tweak your “Privacy settings.”
Tiktok Stories Editing Additional Options
  1. Ultimately, if you decide you didn’t do a good job with a Story, you can delete it from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I discover Stories on TikTok?

There’s no dedicated section for Stories on TikTok at this point in time. On Instagram, Stories from people you follow are showed in bubble form at the top, but that’s not the case on TikTok. To find stories on the video-centric app, browse TikTok via the “For You” tab. Stories are marked with a blue Story tag to differentiate them from regular content. You can also check out people’s profiles to see if they’ve uploaded a Story or not.

Can I post a Story from my PC?

While you can upload videos from your PC using the Web version of TikTok, you can’t yet upload Stories, so you’ll need your mobile app for that. You also can’t view other people’s Stories.

I can’t find any Stories on TikTok. Am I doing something wrong on my end?

Probably not. The feature is relatively new on TikTok, so most likely there are not that many people who are using it just yet. What you can do to see the new feature in action is try to create a story of your own, then ask a friend to see if they can find it on their phone.

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