How to Create and Use Custom Stickers in Snapchat

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Snapchat has all sorts of fun features that you probably use for hours. Who hasn’t tried face swap and enjoyed Snapchat’s stories too? Snapchat stickers are also a great feature that give your snaps your own personal touch. But are you sure that you’re taking full advantage of everything that Snapchat has to offer when it comes to stickers? For instance, did you know that you can quickly turn an object from a snap into a sticker? Here’s how to create and add custom stickers on Snapchat.

How to Make Custom Snapchat Stickers

Creating a sticker out of any object in an image is very easy. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Snapchat and take a snap like you usually would or add an image from your Memories or Gallery.
  2. After taking the snap, you’ll see various options on the upper-right side of your display. Tap on the Scissor tool and outline the object you want to turn into a sticker by using your finger.
Snapchat Custom Sticker Scissor
  1. Snapchat will automatically crop out the sticker and place it above the current image. Drag the sticker where you want it to go. The custom sticker will also be automatically saved with all the other ones you’ve previously created (if any).
Snapchat Custom Sticker Create
  1. To remove the sticker from the current image, hold and drag it to the Delete icon. Note that the Trash/Delete icon will not appear until you select the sticker.
Snapchat Custom Sticker Delete

Create more custom stickers similarly.

How to Access and Add Custom Stickers

  1. To access your custom stickers, take a snap and tap on the Sticker icon that looks like a square with a folded corner.
  2. You’ll see all the integrated stickers Snapchat has to offer. Tap on the Scissor icon to view the custom stickers you have created.
Snapchat Custom Sticker View
  1. Tap on a sticker to add it to the current snap. You can add multiple custom stickers to your snap.
Snapchat Custom Sticker Add

Tip: if you’re looking for a particular sticker, don’t forget to use the search option at the top.

Once added, you can use the custom stickers just like regular stickers. Touch and hold a sticker and drag it to change its position. Use the pinch-in and -out gestures on a sticker to resize and rotate it. To remove it, press and hold it and drag to the Delete icon.

How to Remove Custom Snapchat Stickers

  1. To delete any custom sticker from the sticker list, first, open the Sticker section by tapping on the Sticker icon on any snap, then press the Scissor tab to view the custom stickers.
Snapchat Custom Sticker View
  1. Tap and hold the sticker that you want to delete and press the “Delete” button.
Snapchat Custom Sticker Remove

How to Send Custom Stickers in a Chat

In addition to inserting custom stickers in a snap, you can send them as images in chats. For that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the chat where you want to send it.
  2. Tap on the Emoji icon next to the typing area. All the available emojis and stickers will show up.
Snapchat Custom Sticker Send Chat
  1. Press the Scissor icon to view the manually-created stickers. Tap on a sticker to send it.
Snapchat Custom Sticker Send Chat Choose

How to Find Recently-Used Stickers

If there are particular stickers you have a tendency to use regularly, tap on the Clock icon inside the Stickers screen, and you’ll see all the recently-used stickers. The newly created stickers will always be at the beginning of the list.

Snapchat Custom Sticker Recently Used

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What other stickers can you add in Snapchat?

There are also Bitmoji stickers you can add to your snaps. Tap on the face icon and add the Bitmoji sticker you want. If you don’t have a Bitmoji, you’ll need to create one before you can start enjoying these kinds of stickers. Similarly, you can create and add Cameos using the Face icon with a plus sign. Check out some other interesting things you can do on Snapchat.

2. How can I save Snapchat stickers to my camera roll?

Send the sticker to a chat as shown above. In the chat, long-press the sticker and select “Save to Camera Roll.”

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