Create Beautiful Social Graphics with Adobe Post in iOS

Create Beautiful Social Graphics with Adobe Post

Humans are visual creatures, and sometimes they understand images better than words. That’s why we often use images in almost every corner of our lives, from the simple and funny memes to the elaborate actionable sales banner. But many of us don’t have the proper graphic editing ability (and the eye for good image composition) to keep up with our ever-growing image demand. Fortunately, many apps can help you produce and customize beautiful images quickly. One of them is Adobe Post.

Let’s Get Started

Adobe Post is a free iOS-only app that can help you “create stunning social graphics in seconds.” You can use it to adorn your Facebook posts, share famous quotes on Twitter, extend birthday wishes on Instagram, or many other occasions limited only by your imagination. Let’s jump straight in.

The first thing that you should do after installing is to log in using your Adobe ID.

Adobe Post -mte- 01a - Start

Those who don’t have an Adobe ID, you can create one here.

Adobe Post -mte- 01b - Signin

You will be taken straight into the Remixes. This is the area where you can find collections of ready-to-use graphic templates. While Adobe Post can help you create your graphics from scratch – you can do it by tapping the “Plus” (+) button in the bottom center of the screen – using templates is the faster and easier way to jumpstart your creative juices. Pick one from the collection and continue.

Adobe Post -mte- 02 - Start Remixing

You can use the template as is, or you can modify it according to your preferences. First, you can move the text area by tapping and dragging it anywhere within the image. The text itself is also editable and resizable. Just double tap on the text to edit.

Adobe Post -mte- 03 - Move Text

You can further customize the text by changing the “Color” and the “Font.” There are many color and font choices that you can choose. The text will auto-adjust itself to keep the design intact.

Adobe Post -mte- 04 - Color and Fonet

The text area is also customizable. There are options to change the “Opacity” of the area by moving the position of the slider and also to modify the “Shapes” by choosing one from the available choices.

Adobe Post -mte- 05 - Opacity and Shapes

Or you can go for an entirely different design by applying “Design Filters.” There are many design filter templates that you can choose, each one with a different style and color theme. But whichever style you choose, Adobe Post will retain the text and image of your content.

Adobe Post -mte- 06 - Design Filters

Other possible customizations are to use color palettes and photo filters. “Color Palettes” allow you to switch between different tones of color combination. Each palette comes with several different combinations; continue tapping on one palette to switch among the available combinations. “Photo Filters” allows you to process your graphic using more conventional photographic filters, similar to what Instagram or other photo editing applications do.

Adobe Post -mte- 07 - Color Palettes n Photo Filters

Further Editing and Sharing

But you don’t have to stick with the images provided by Adobe Post. If you want to use your images, tap the “Photo” icon at the top center of the screen, and choose the image source. You can pick photos from your photo library, take one using your device’s camera, search free photos from the Internet, or use one from your Lightroom or Creative Cloud library.

To share your creation with the world, use the “Sharing” icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Choose one or more available destinations to share, but the availability will vary; it depends on what apps you have on your phone.

Adobe Post -mte- 08 - Change Photos n Sharing

Last but not the least, other than the remix collection, you can also get inspiration by following the Adobe Post Instagram account.

Adobe Post -mte- 10 - Post Instagram

What do you think about Adobe Post? What image editor do you use to produce your social graphics? Please share your thoughts and opinions using the comments section below.

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