How to Create Slideshows On The iPad

One of the best parts about the iPad is its ability to share. From funny videos to photos, picking up an iPad and sharing things with friends and family is a great experience. With photos specifically, you can show someone an album of photos from a recent trip or event and let them flick through at their own pace; but sometimes you have a group of people who want to look, or want to show people the photos in a specific way. This is where slideshows from the iPad’s Photos app can come in. To make things even better, the iPad makes things very easy, as well as relatively¬†feature¬†rich, for what you’re probably looking to do. Read on for the step by step process on how it works, as well as an overview of some of the features you can take advantage of.

Getting Started

First, load the Photos app from your home screen by tapping the Photos icon. Once the app loads, you have a view similar to the one below. There is a list at the top, showing Photos, Albums, Events, Faces and Places. Select what photos you want in the slideshow by selecting on of these categories, and then one of the albums of photos. I chose a vacation I took during my last year of schooling.


Setting up your slideshow

Once you’ve chosen your album, it will pop up as usual to allow you to look through the photos. Here though, instead of touching a picture to begin looking through, tap on the Slideshow button on the top right part of the screen. See below for reference.


Hitting the Slideshow button will get everything started, popping the Slideshow Options window up in front of your photos. Choose the type of transition you want to use.


Adding Music

From the Slideshow options, tap on the Music option to add music to your slideshow. You’ve probably noticed the system-wide on/off switch that they’ve assigned for music, making it easy to turn the background music on or off. Selecting the music option though, will bring up an entirely new window, and it should look like this:

Like in most iOS apps that invoke music from your Library, you can sort by Songs, Artists, Albums, and more, allowing you to easily find the background music you’d like. Find it and touch it to use that song. If you’ve already created the perfect playlist for your slideshow, you can use that as well.

Start the Show!

Now, tap Start Slideshow at the bottom of the Options window to begin. You’ll notice that during the show, your pictures display full screen, like in the first photo below, but at any time you can feel free to flick through to proceed to the next/previous slide. During the show, feel free to turn the iPad and the slideshow will of course auto-rotate as you’d expect.




As you can see, while super simple, the iPad’s Photos app gives you a great way to share photos in person. Whether to music, or your own narration, sharing photos with friends and loved ones with your iPad can be a fun and stress-free experience, especially if you already know what you’re doing!

What other ways do you use to share photos? Are you big on Flickr? Or is there a better app for that? Let us know in the comments!

Image credit: Richard-G

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