How to Easily Create Profile Pictures For Various Social Networks

Every social network has different guidelines to create profile pictures, headers and other pictures. Not everyone who uses social media has the skill or patience to create the right pictures for each network. Often, they will just let the network crop and distort the picture to get it upload. This can lead to horrible pictures representing you online.

That’s where AP Social Media Image Maker comes in handy. It helps you create the best profile pictures, cover images and other social networking pictures. It will save you time and make the process easier.

Variety & styles

Social Media Image Maker allows you to create pics for more than ten social networks, services and web apps.


It also allows users to pick a network or service, then create a variety of pictures for it.


Everything from profile pics to cover photos to background images can be created. Depending on the service, AP Social Media Image Maker provides you with a web app to create all the images you would need for a service from one place. It even supports new formats recently introduced by networks and services which are updated. AP Social Media Image Maker adds new services and picture types frequently in addition to ensuring new formats are up to date.

Tools available

After you pick a service and image type you need to create, you are given two steps to crop and edit your picture before it is ready.


This is our original image:


The first set of tools allows you to crop, rotate and flip the image. You are required to start with an original image that is at the minimum dimensions for that particular image type.

This allows you to get the sizing right on the photo.

You are also given a variety of photo filters to apply to your image.  You can use Sepia filters to off black and white filters to even retro looking ones.


You can only choose one, but the photo filters can be powerful to apply to a photo depending on the colors it originally uses. This can take some time per photo to find the right look but can make all the difference in how it stands out once it is displayed on the network or service of your choice.

You are also given a handful of effects you can add to your pictures.  These effects can do everything from sharpen the image to blur it to making it black and white.  Depending on the type of filter you used, it could take a few tries to get the right effect to really bring out the best in your image.


This is our finished image:


Downloading and sharing

When you are finished editing your photo, you can download it in PNG or JPEG format to your computer.  You can also rename the image before you download it to your computer.


Saving these pictures in PNG format makes them lossless, so if you choose to edit them further after downloading, you can do so without losing the original quality.


During the download process, you can even share what you have created on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ before uploading it and setting it as your picture of choice.


AP Social Media Image Maker is an amazing tool for those like me who do not have the time to edit every single picture I want to use on the networks and services I utilize every day. This web app makes it create profile pictures with the use of easy cropping, editing, and add colorization tools to make them attractive online. How do you edit the pictures you use to represent you online?

Melissa Popp
Melissa Popp

Melissa Popp has been a freelance writer for over a decade. While she primarily has focused on writing about technology, she's also written about everything from custom mailboxes to health care to just about anything in between. Melissa is the Content Strategist for, the nation's leading marketplace for trailers for sale, the Social Media Manager for the best roofing Denver company as well as a Writer here at MakeTechEasier. She's a proud support of the Denver SEO community and a big fan of online radio.

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