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How many of you use social sites? Do you find yourself using Twitter or Facebook for more private communication? There are other options out there. is a private social site offering a lot of what you are used to without the prying eyes of everyone who have friended or followed you everywhere else on the web. If you are familiar with any other micro blogging sites, most resembles Tumblr.

A little about is invite only. If you are not looking to air all of your sharing and messages to the whole world, you found the right application. Organizations, businesses and clubs will greatly benefit from the social aspect coupled by privacy of

Inviting others

Once you get the basic setup completed, you will need to invite others. The great part of using is it’s an invitation only site. If you want to make a forum to complain about work, you can invite everyone who has a beef with your employer. This can be done in a couple ways.

Like a lot of applications out there today, you can have your Gmail contact list scanned for people you may want to invite.


The other way is to send the potential participant an invitation link. This link is specific to your “fridge”.


What does

You create a post or update just like on many other sites. You can use text, a picture or video. When you post an update, you will see it in chronological order. If you are a business working on a project, this is great for keeping the group up-to-date.

More than one group

What I like is you can have more than one group. Each group has a different invite link. That means you can have several segmented groups with similar members in each group.

How to post

Posting can be done in a couple ways. While there isn’t a mobile application for your iPhone or Android, you can email in your post. Each person you invite to participate will have a unique email address to send updates to.

If you have a standard phone, you can send a SMS message to the email address and update while you are on the go.

Your wall

You have your own wall and it will show your recent posts, whereas “my fridge” will show everyone’s updates.


Update notifications

If you aren’t tied to your computer all day and therefore might not have the open all the time to see when new updates are available, you can get it to email you whenever a new update is posted.

Much like Facebook and Twitter, this can be a bit much if you have a lot of active users. I would recommend setting up a folder and a filter or rule to separate the emails you get or you may get overwhelmed.

How you might use

I could see a lot of potential uses for something like this. Right off the top of my head, I see people using this for collaborating on a project, planning an event, inter-company updates, client updates, club events, managers communicating to employees, editors to writers, apartment managers broadcasting information to renters, site owners communicating to loyal readers in place of a newsletter…

What are some uses you might have for a private social network?

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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