Create Printable QR Codes and Barcode Labels In Your Chrome Browser

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QR codes are appearing everywhere these days. These convenient little barcode-like squares, when scanned by our smartphones, can connect consumers to webpages, app downloads, or any other information that can be retrieved with a link. We have previously provided tutorials for creating QR codes to embed within websites or send via text messages, but what about creating printable QR codes and barcode labels? A small business could print barcodes on their products for the purpose of scanning and tracking inventory and QR codes as a means of providing their customers with more information. If this capability is of use to you, consider using QR Code and Barcode Label Generator for Chrome.

Creating Printable QR Codes and Barcode Labels

When you first launch QR Code and Barcode Label Generator, you are presented with a window prompting you to begin building from one of many available templates.

Getting Started to create Printable QR Codes

A template is available that will place a single QR Code on your page. If you are familiar with any traditional office suite or desktop publishing software, you should be able to find your way around this tool. You can copy and paste the code around the page as you wish.

Printable QR Codes Page

When you are ready to tie your QR Code to a report, select the code and select “Data.” QR Code and Barcode Label Generator lets you import reports from Google Drive directly, your local hard drive, web addresses, and your clipboard.

Printable QR Codes Data Insert

The application supports the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, Google Drive Spreadsheet, CSV and JSON file formats. These files choices will be presented regardless of which import method you choose.

Printable QR Codes Data Import

Before you print out your label, be sure that you have selected the correct paper type and orientation. Hit the “View” tab. You will find that “Design” is selected by default, but paper, canvas, and data are other choices. Select “Paper” to choose your paper type and “canvas” to specify your dimensions.

Printable QR Codes Paper View

If you wish to print out more than one thing at once, head over to the “Insert” tab. You’ll notice that you can insert much of what you were prompted to create back in the first window.

Insert Barcode

I have selected a barcode and inserted it into my document adjacent to my QR code. I can then edit it in much the same way. When it’s done, the creations can be duplicated until the page is filled up, making sure as little paper as necessary goes to waste.

When you think that you are done and are ready to preview your work, going to File & Preview will produce a PDF. File & Download & PDF will also present you with a PDF that you can print out and apply to your products. Note that if you have left the tab unattended for too long, the session may time out. You can save you work and refresh the page in order to complete the download.


Creating barcodes used to require dedicated hardware or bulky software, but now the functionality of creating printable QR codes and barcode labels can be delivered remotely via a web browser. If you have long dreamed of getting your own business off the ground, don’t let this new wave of convenient software go to waste.

Bertel King, Jr.

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