How to Create Folder and Manage Playlists on Spotify

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Spotify is one of the best, if not the best, music-streaming apps. The app boasts a huge collection of songs and podcasts. There are multiple playlists created by users on the platform based on different genres. If you have a bunch of playlists you listen to and want to neatly organize them, then Spotify provides an option to manage all your playlists. Here we present a complete guide on how you can create a Spotify playlist folder. You can simply access this Spotify playlist folder from the left menu.

Things to note

In order to create a Spotify playlist folder, you need to have the Spotify desktop or web app. This means that you cannot create a Spotify playlist folder using the mobile app.

Create Spotify Playlist Folder

1. First, open the Spotify desktop or web app, then right-click on any of the playlists on the left pane.

2. From the newly opened drop-down menu of options, click on the “Create Folder” option.

Create Spotify Playlist Folder

3. A “New Folder” will be created on the left sidebar.

Create Spotify Playlist Folder 2

4. You can assign a name of your choice to the folder by right-clicking on New Folder, then the Rename option.

Rename Spotify Playlist Folder

It is preferred to add a name connected to the playlists to make it convenient for you to remember what’s included in the folder later on.

5. Once the folder is created and you have renamed it, you can add playlists to this folder.

6. Simply drag and drop the existing playlists you have into the folder. A visual message will show up whenever you drag and drop the playlist into the folder.

Playlist Inside Folder

7. After adding all the playlists, you can easily access them by clicking the folder. If you have added more than one playlist, then you can view all the playlists on the left sidebar by clicking the drop-down button next to the folder name.

8. If you want to further organize the playlists inside the created folder, create another folder inside the folder. Simply right-click on a folder and click “Create Folder.”

Folder Inside Spotify Folders

Having learned how to create a Spotify playlist folder, do note that if you delete this playlist folder, all the playlists inside this folder will also be permanently deleted. So before deleting the folder, make sure to drag all the essential playlists outside of it.

Delete Spotify Folders

Accessing Spotify Playlist Folder on Mobile

As already mentioned, you cannot create a Spotify playlist folder via the mobile app. Thankfully, the folders created using the Spotify desktop or web app can be accessed via the Spotify mobile app. There is one caveat, though. You cannot modify the folder, such as add new playlists to it, or delete it in the mobile app.

Spotify Mobile App

Wrapping Up

Creating a Spotify playlist folder allows the user to manage multiple playlists. You can organize the same genre or playlists into one folder and the other ones in a new folder.

If, for some reason, Spotify is not to your liking, you can also check out some of the best Spotify alternatives here.

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