How to Create and Personalize Facebook Stories

Facebook story can be created via your smartphone or desktop.

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Stories is an extremely popular feature on Instagram, so it’s no wonder that the company who owns the photo-sharing app, Meta, has ported it to Facebook as well. Creating and personalizing your Facebook story is relatively easy and has enough options that will keep you entertained. It’s possible to create Facebook stories via your smartphone or desktop. Let’s see how it’s done.

How to Create and Customize a Facebook Story on Mobile

If you want to create a Story from the Facebook mobile app, get started by using one of these methods.

Method 1

  1. Open the Facebook app on your handset.
  2. Tap on the “+ Create Story” card underneath the “What’s on your mind” bar.
Facebook Stories Mobile Create New
  1. Select the image/video you want to add to your Story from the Galley below. Note that you can also “Select multiple” by pressing the relevant button.
Facebook Stories Add More Pics Shot Video
  1. On the other hand, if you want to record a video from the app, just press the Camera button in the lower-right corner of the display.
  2. Switch to video and start recording. Video Facebook Stories can be up 26 seconds long. You can add an effect from this screen as well or add it later on.
Facebook Stories Video Story

Photo Stories Customization Options

  1. Once you’ve added the image, go ahead and enhance your Story. You can add Stickers either by selecting one from the bottom of the display (scroll right to see more) or by tapping on the Stickers option in the top right.
Facebook Stories Mobile Add Stickers
  1. As on Instagram, there’s an option to add special Stickers that can add things like Location, Tag, Feelings, GIF or a Question. They will be shown at the top once you tap “Stickers.”
Facebook Stories Mobile Add Question Sticker
  1. In addition, you may want to add some extra text. You can do that by pressing on the Text button. Once you add text, you can enable the text-to-speech function so that it will be read be out loud for the Story’s viewers.
Facebook Stories Mobile Adding Text
  1. Next up, we have the Doodle button, which allows you to draw using your finger on your Story. Just pick a color.
Facebook Stories Mobile Doodle
  1. It’s also possible to add various effects to your Stories. Just press the Effects button and choose one from the available options.
Facebook Stories Add Effect
  1. Add a music piece to your Story by pressing on the Music button. Here you can browse Facebook’s own sound library and select the tune you like best. Use the Search option at the bottom to find a track faster.
Facebook Stories Search Music
  1. Once you’ve selected your Song, you can select the part you want to use on your Story by dragging your finger on the song feed at the bottom. Additionally, you can select whether you’d like to have the song’s lyrics showcased on your Story in real time or just a card with the song’s artist/name and the album thumbnail.
Facebook Stories Edit Song View
  1. Last but not least, you can also add Animations to your story. This option is hidden, and you’ll need to press the downward button to bring it up.
Facebook Stories Add Animations And Share
  1. Once you add everything you want, press on the Share button to publish your Story.

Video Stories Customization Options

  1. All of the customization options we detailed for photo Stories are also available for video Stories – with a few exceptions. For instance, Sound. You’ll need to tap on the downward pointing arrow underneath the editing options to see it.
Facebook Stories Video Sound Option
  1. This lets you “Add music” or “Add a voiceover” to your video.
Facebook Stories Video Add Voiceover
  1. Additionally, you can turn your video into a Boomerang (looping video) directly from the Story creation panel.
Facebook Stories Video Captions
  1. You can also enable Captions for videos with spoken audio.

Method 2

  1. Open the Facebook app on your handset.
  2. Tap on the “+ Create Story” card underneath the “What’s on your mind” bar.
Facebook Stories Mobile Create New
  1. This time we’re looking at the options at the top. For starters, you can create a simple Story using just text from this point.
Facebook Stories Minimal Stories
  1. Type something, then press on the text-to-speech button underneath if you’d like. It will read your caption out loud.
Facebook Stories Mobile Just Text Story
  1. You can also create a simple music Story. Just select your favorite track from the music gallery and pick a default background. (You can also add pictures/videos from the gallery below and make it a regular Story.)
Facebook Stories Mobile Simple Music Story
  1. Tap on the text, and you’ll be taken to the screen where you can select the audio part you wish to use for your Story. From the same window, you can choose whether you want the song lyrics or a card on display.
  2. The Green Screen option will take you to the Facebook camera where you can shoot video using various scenes as backgrounds. You can even upload content from your own camera roll.
Facebook Stories Mobile Green Screen
  1. As on Instagram, the Boomerang option lets you shoot short looping video clips using various effects. At the same time, the Selfie feature allows you to take fun self-portraits using the same effects.
Facebook Stories Mobile Boomerang

How to Create and Customize a Facebook Story on PC

On PC, your options for creating a Facebook Story are a bit more limited. Nevertheless, you can still create one from your computer.

  1. Open Facebook in your browser of choice on your PC.
  2. Click on the “Create Story” card.
Facebook Stories Desktop Create Story
  1. Select whether you are creating a Photo or Text Story.
Facebook Stories Desktop Select Story Type
  1. If you select the first option, you can upload a picture and add text, but that’s it. When you’re done, press the “Share to Story” button.
Facebook Stories Desktop Share Photo Story
  1. Alternatively, if you’ve selected the Text Story option, pick your background from the left side of the display, then write or paste your text in the box above. Press “Share to Story” once you’re done.
Facebook Stories Desktop Share Text Only Story

How to Delete Your Facebook Story

Even if Facebook Stories self-destruct within 24-hours, you may wish to take them down earlier. Here’s how to get rid of your Facebook Story.

  1. In the mobile app, find your Story.
  2. Open it and press the three dots in the upper-right corner.
Facebook Stories Mobile Three Dots
  1. Select “Delete photo/video,” depending on the effects or type of content you’ve uploaded to your Story.
Facebook Stories Mobile Delete
  1. On your PC, open your Story and tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner.
Facebook Stories Desktop Delete Story
  1. Select “Delete photo/video,” and you’re done.

How to Adjust the Privacy Settings of Your Facebook Stories

You may not want everyone in your list to be able to view your Story. If that’s the case, then know that you can easily edit the privacy of your post from the Story creation screen.

  1. On mobile, once you select a picture or video you wish to upload as your Story, tap on the Privacy button in the lower-left corner.
Facebook Stories Mobile Privacy
  1. Here you can choose who gets to see the Story. Options include “Public” and “Friends.” You can also also select “Hide from Story” and add a number of people to this list who won’t be able to see the story. The rest of your Friend list still can. Another option is “Custom,” which allows you to make a list of people that can view the Story. The other people in your Friend list won’t be able to.
Facebook Stories Privacy Options
  1. Note that you can change the privacy of your Story even after you’ve posted it. Just open the Story, tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner and select “Edit Story Privacy.”
Facebook Stories Mobile Edit Posted Story Privacy
  1. On desktop, you can access the same options by pressing the cog wheel in the left part of your Story creation screen.
Facebook Stories Desktop Access Privacy Options
  1. Select the appropriate audience according to your preferences and press “Save.”
Facebook Stories Desktop Privacy Preferences
  1. If you already created the Story, open it and tap on “Settings” on the left.
Facebook Stories Desktop Posted Story Settings
  1. Select the “Story Privacy” tab, then select your preferences according to your needs. When done, click “Save.”
Facebook Stories Desktop Privacy Tab

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can others share my Stories on their own Stories?

They can, but you must enable the option to allow them to do so. On mobile, tap on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner in your feed, then “Settings & Privacy -> Settings” and find the “Audience and Visibility” section. Select “Stories” from there. Tap on the “Sharing Options” to bring up your choices.

Facebook Stories Mobile Sharing Stories Options
  • Allow others to share your public stories to their own story?
  • Allow people to share your stories if you mention them?

Enable one or both of these options, according to your preferences.

On desktop, click on the downward arrow in the upper-right corner and select “Settings & Privacy-> Settings,” then select “Stories” from the menu on the left. Your “Story Settings” as described above should appear.

2. Can I save my Stories so I can keep track of them?

Yes, you can. It’s called Story archiving, and you can take advantage of this option via the mobile app. Once again, go to “Settings & Privacy -> Settings” and find “Audience and Visibility.” From there, select “Story archive” and make sure you toggle on the “Save to archive” button. This will save your Stories to your device.

Facebook Stories Mobile Save To Archive

Alternatively, once you’ve posted the Story, open it and tap on the three-dots in the upper right corner of the display and select “Save photo/video.” You can also select “Archive photo/video,” but that will have the effect of immediately removing the content and saving it to archive.

Facebook Stories Mobile Save Photos

3. Can I mute someone else’s Story?

Yes, it’s possible. Find and open a Story you wish to mute, then tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner and select “Mute X’s Story.” You won’t see any more updates to their Story on Facebook.

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