How to Create Your Own Mobile Browser Without Any Coding Skill [Android]

While most smartphones come with a default browser app that allows you to surf the Web on your mobile, it is often simple, ugly and doesn’t feel personal. What if you want to customize the browser app and you have no (or little) coding skill? Here’s one way you can create your own browser app in Android.

The Maxthon Android app is a popular browser app for Android and it is lightweight, fast and comes with plenty of useful features. Based on this base browser engine, you can now build and customize your own Android browser with the Maxthon Mobile Browser Maker. It doesn’t allow you to change the browser functionalities, but it allows you to change the skin and add your own branding to it. This Browser Maker application is currently applicable for Android only.

To create your own browser, visit the Maxthon Mobile Browser Maker website.

1. Click the “Make It Now” button.


2. First, enter a name for your browser. You can either personalize it to your own name, like Damien’s Browser, or if you wish to use it as a way to market your brand, add in your company name instead.


3. After entering your name, you can upload your own logo, or your company’s logo. Your logo need to be of 72 x 72px in size.

4. Scrolling down the page, you can set the default browser’s homepage. This can, of course, be changed in the app itself. Also, you can select a theme/skin for the browser. There are several choices, but it doesn’t allows you to create or upload your own skin, so you have to make do with the limited choices.


5. The last thing you can customize is the splash screen. This is the screen that shows up when you open the browser app. Your own splash screen need to be 480 x 800px in dimension and less than 500kb in size. My advise is to keep it simple and don’t include too fanciful stuff in it.

6. Lastly, enter your email address for Maxthon to mail the apk file to you. After that, click the “Create Apk” button.


7. Once the creation process is completed, you can check your email inbox for the download link (Note: Do check your spam folder as Gmail has classified it as a spam email for my case).

This is how it looks like after I have installed the apk on my Android phone:




Things to take note:

1. This browser maker is currently (as of this post) based on v2.6.4 of the Maxthon browser while the latest version of Maxthon browser in the Play Store is of v2.6.5, so your browser app might be one or two version behind the actual version.

2. Being a custom install, your custom browser won’t be automatically updated from the Play Store. You will have to manually update it, provided Maxthon upgrade the base browser version for the custom browser maker.


The Maxthon browser maker is good if you love to personalize the browser to your own liking, or you are looking to distribute it to market your brand. Using the default Maxthon browser as the base is also a good choice since it is a speedy and great browser that many people are already loving and using it. For sure, there are tons of ways you can utilize the customized browser app. Let us know if you plan to use it and how you would utilize it.

Maxthon Custom Browser Maker


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