How to Create a Wiki in Notion

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A wiki is the ideal tool for sharing information, files, forms, and a calendar with your team, and Notion makes it effortless to create one. Whether you’re a current Notion user or just getting familiar with the application, you can set up a wiki easily using a template. Notion provides several handy templates for basic and focused wikis, and the Notion Templates gallery gives you even more options. This guide showcases convenient, free templates and their standout features, while also sharing tips and suggestions to help you create a wiki in Notion.

Tip: using Evernote? Learn how to migrate your notes from Evernote to Notion.

Use a Notion Wiki Template

The best place to start is with Notion’s wiki templates. You can choose from four different options, from basic to a specific industry focus.

  1. To view and use one of the templates below, head to Notion and sign in. Select “Templates” on the left, then choose “Wiki “from the drop-down list.
Notion Templates with Wiki selected in the drop-down
  1. Select one of the template options on the left to view details, then click “Get template” to use it.
Notion template with the Get Template button
  1. Select the template from the sidebar on the left to get started.
Engineering Wiki template in the Notion sidebar

FYI: Notion also has great templates for students.

Notion Basic Wiki Template

For a wiki template that you can use for any industry, use the basic Wiki template from Notion. It provides a nice navigation on the main page, with Team, Policies, and New Pages sections, along with Company Updates in a card format.

Notion Wiki template main page


  • Easy access to company updates using the cards on the main page
  • Preset pages for the company mission, corporate travel, recent press, morale events, and vacation and benefits policies
  • Getting Started page with instructions for using Notion headings, callout blocks, toggle lists, and code blocks
Notion Wiki template Getting Started page

Notion Product Wiki Template

Launching a new product? Hiring a product team? This Product Wiki template gives you just what you need to keep everyone informed. Add details about the product lifecycle, how to launch a feature, and how to conduct user research. Finish it off with your product directory, analytics and tools, headcount allocation, and product interviews.

Notion Product Wiki template main page


  • Product Lifecycle page with helpful prompts in a numbered list format
  • Product Directory page in a table format to include the item, owner, and tags
  • Headcount Allocation page sectioned for your engineering, design, and product resource teams
  • Product Interview page, including a question database for entering the name, difficulty, and skills
  • Step-by-step format, ready for your instructions on the How-To pages
Notion Product Wiki template Interviews page

Notion Sales Wiki Template

If you’re in the sales industry, this Sales Wiki template is perfect. There are pages for OKRs, pitches, collateral, ideas, CRM, a playbook, deals, and a team directory. Using this template, you’ll not only get off to a solid start, but will have the ideal spot for you and your team to track everything from thoughts to leads to sales.

Notion Sales Wiki template main page


  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) page with a list of sample objectives and checkboxes
  • Pitches page with sections for videos, ideas, and audio recordings
  • Ideas page with a table and fields for description, tags, priority, done, and added by who and when
  • Team Directory page in Gallery View, with spots for images, titles, contact details, and biographies
  • Two Deals pages: one formatted as a table and another in a Gallery View
Notion Sales Wiki template Deals page

Tip: also try these Notion budget templates for your business.

Notion Engineering Wiki Template

For programming code, database details, backend information, engineering guidelines, and the development lifecycle, put it all together in one place with this Engineering Wiki template. You can make this your development team’s one-stop shop for documentation, references, commands, and QA processes.

Notion Engineering Wiki template main page


  • Main page with simple navigation to all sections and pages, plus a card format for guides and processes
  • Pages for React, AWS, Redis, and CircleCI, along with Backend and Code Review
  • Useful Commands page formatted with code blocks for easy viewing, as well as copying and pasting
  • Instructional format for your steps and commands on the How-To pages
Notion Engineering Wiki template Commands and Deploy pages

The Notion Templates gallery has direct access, an improved search, and a helpful filter feature to make finding a template easier than ever. Follow these steps to view the templates, or use the direct links to the templates described below.

  1. Visit Notion Templates to browse the wiki templates, or select “Templates” in your Notion workspace sidebar, then select “More templates” in the pop-up window.
Notion Templates with  the More Templates link
  1. Use the search box at the top, or choose the “Wiki “category.
Notion Templates webpage
  1. Select a template to view more details, then click “Start with this template." If you choose “View template” to see a preview, click “Duplicate” to use it.
Notion Template in the Gallery
  1. Select the template in your workspace sidebar to begin.

Startup Team Wiki Template

Get everything organized for your new venture with this helpful Startup Team Wiki template from Carted. Include information about your company, such as your mission and directory, how you work, and all the details your team needs to be successful.

Startup Team Wiki template main page


  • Company pages for mission, vision, and values, a team directory, news spotlight, headquarters, and social media links
  • Team pages for engineering, finance, marketing, operations, product and design, and sales
  • Team Directory page in Gallery View that includes a photo, department, title, email, and other details for each entry
  • Ways of Working pages for meetings, non-meeting days, and Slack channels
Startup Team Wiki template Meetings and HQ pages

Marketing Wiki Template

Notion offers a terrific Marketing Wiki template in the Templates gallery. Add everything from team details and top links to web design and brand assets. You’ll appreciate the solid home page with simple navigation to each section and a spot for the current on-call contact and main email address.

Marketing Wiki template main page


  • Almost 30 pages for most anything related to your marketing business or department that you could need
  • Team pages formatted as tables, with fields for permissions, size, industry, location, functions, and more
  • Meeting Notes page to track all meetings with topics, decisions, and to-dos
  • Docs page for documentation like how-tos, policies, templates, and transcripts
  • Release Checklist page with checkboxes for all pre- and post-release tasks
  • Pages for an editorial calendar, yearly goals, references, social media details, and a media kit
Marketing Wiki template Product Team page

Family Management Wiki Template

Maybe it’s a family you’re managing instead of a company team. This Family Management wiki template from Xin Xin is a great tool for keeping everyone on track. Assign tasks and chores, review a schedule and food guide, plan trips, share recipes, and more.

Family Management Wiki template main page


  • Main page with navigation and a board, calendar, or table view of to-dos
  • Weekly Review page with checkboxes to mark off items
  • Recipes page in Gallery View and details for ingredients, instructions, and a link to the source
  • Travel page for trip planning
  • Tasks page for chores that are in Waiting, Doing, or Done status
Family Management Wiki template Recipes page

Tips and Suggestions for Your Notion Wiki

If you want to add pages other than those included in the template, pop in a calendar, or insert a to-dos section, these helpful elements may be just what you need when you create your wiki in Notion.

Add a Page

Add a page to your wiki with a simple click.

  1. Hover over a current section on the page, and click the plus sign on the left.
Section plus sign in Notion
  1. Select “Page" in the pop-up window.
Page in the drop-down list
  1. Give your page a name, and add any items you would like.
New page in Notion

Include a Calendar View

Consider using the Calendar View to display to-dos and events.

  1. Hover over a current section on the page, and click the plus sign on the left.
  1. Select “Calendar view" in the pop-up window.
Calendar View in the drop-down list
  1. Choose the data source on the right, or create a new one by selecting “New database."
Database selection for Calendar View
  1. Your calendar will be added.
Calendar View of Tasks in Notion

Insert To-Dos

To add tasks to your page, insert a handy to-do list.

  1. Hover over a current section on the page, and click the plus sign.
  1. Select “To-do list" in the pop-up window.
To-Do List in the drop-down list
  1. Type your first item, press Enter or Return, and insert the next one in the new list.
New To-Do List in Notion

Share Your Wiki

Once you have your wiki set up, you can share it with your group right from Notion.

Open the page, and select “Share” on the top right. Enter the names or email addresses, then use the drop-down list to the right to choose the access level.

Share option for a wiki page in Notion

Create a Team Workspace

As an alternative, you can create a workspace for your team. This allows you to share the wiki as a whole.

  1. Select “Create a teamspace" at the bottom of the sidebar on the left.
Create a Teamspace link in Notion
  1. Give your space a name, choose an icon, and optionally add a description.
Create a Teamspace setup screen in Notion
  1. Add members to the workspace, and move your wiki to the new teamspace by dragging it to that area in the sidebar for your team members to access the wiki easily.
Wiki in the Teamspace sidebar in Notion

As Notion offers several additional ways to share, it would be a good idea to review the extensive options on Notion’s Sharing & Permissions page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Notion wiki and normal page?

As Notion explains, a wiki page looks like a regular page. But by using headings, subheadings, navigation, tables, calendar views, and other features, you can create an easy-to-read format. Additionally, a wiki in Notion can be used as a database, whereas a normal page cannot.

Can I create a wiki on Notion with an existing page?

If you already have a page that you want to transform into a wiki, this is doable with Notion.

Open the page, click the three dots on the top right, and select “Turn into wiki.” A prompt at the bottom will ask you to confirm. Select “Try it out” to continue creating the wiki in Notion.

Where can I create a wiki other than in Notion?

You can find several sites that offer wiki creation. There are specific wiki sites, like MediaWiki, SlimWiki, and DocuWiki, which are either free or affordable. You can also create a free wiki using Google Sites, or set up a portable wiki using TiddlyWiki.

Image credit: Pixabay. All screenshots by Sandy Writtenhouse.

Sandy Writtenhouse
Sandy Writtenhouse

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