Create Your Own Music Video Playlist With Jiggyape

Are you a YouTube fan and spend hours on it everyday listening (and watching) to music? I do it too, but I don’t like having to search and manually change  the songs every now and then.

Jiggyape is an online music player that provides a much better user interface than YouTube. Not only does it allows you to search for your favorite songs/artists, you can also create and save your playlist without having to login to your Youtube account or create a new user account. The best thing is, it is completely free, and there are no ads as well.


Creating your playlist

When you arrive at Jiggyape, you will see a big fat search bar right at the top of the site. All you have to do is enter the artist/song name and Jiggyape will list all the titles in the panel below. You can then add the videos to your playlist by clicking the + button before the video name.

Jiggyape Search

Import your music library:

What makes Jiggyape stand out is the Library feature. Jiggyape has a desktop application (Windows only) which syncs your music library with their site. Jiggyape does not upload your music files to their server. Instead your song titles are cross-referenced with YouTube’s database and the best match is stored in your Jiggyape library. The imported music library data is associated to your email address. Once the importing is done, you just have to enter your email address in Jiggyape’s Library tab and the matching music are displayed.

Instead of having to spend countless hours on YouTube finding the music video for your entire music library – it’s just a matter of minutes with Jiggyape.

Jiggyape Music Library App

Jiggyape Music Library App Cross Referencing

Discover new music and find similar songs

The Genie is an exciting feature in Jiggyape which will scan your playlist and your library and suggest similar songs. It also sports a feature where you can right-click on any song from your playlist, select “Get Similar Songs” option and discover new music that you’re probably going to like!

Jiggyape Right Click Optipns

Video Player:

Last but not the least, Jiggyape comes with a dedicated (large) video player which lets you view your favorite music videos when you’re in the mood.


Pros and Cons:


  • Free to use and contains no ads!
  • Great library import feature.
  • Discover new music and find similar songs from YouTube.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Great Google Chrome app. Download it from the Chrome Web Store!


  • Does not have an account  feature for saving preferences. Instead, it uses the browser’s cookies for storing data.
  • Does not have provisions for connecting social medial accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Does not have an option for reducing video quality in the mini video player.

Give Jiggyape a try and let us know if you prefer it over YouTube.


Sourav is a tech enthusiast and believes in intuitive technology. He is currently working on a project that provides visitors with free exposure.

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