How to Create and Manage a Telegram Channel

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Telegram is a WhatsApp alternative that offers a wide range of interesting features. For instance, the app allows you to go beyond the scope of communicating with your immediate contacts by enabling you to reach people beyond these limits. This can be done via channels. In this article we’re going to show you how you can create and manage a channel on Telegram.

What Are Telegram Channels?

Telegram channels allow the broadcasting public messages to large audiences. They can be powerful tools especially for brands that want to easily send their subscribers messages, videos, images and more.

Telegram channels can be about anything including business, art, beauty, fashion, music and a lot more. It’s usually the creator which sets the theme of the channel and users get to choose which channels to subscribe to based on their individual preferences.

Channels should not be confused with groups, even though the two might seem similar at a glance. Even so, groups are meant for discussions and can host up to 200,000 members, while channels are meant for broadcasting information and can have an unlimited number of subscribers.

How to Create a Channel in Telegram

If you’re ready to begin the process of creating your first Telegram channel, then here’s how it’s done. We’ll outline the steps both for the mobile version and desktop app.


  1. Open the Telegram app on your device (in this case we used the Telegram app for Android).
  2. Tap on the little pencil icon in the lower right corner of the display.
Telegram Channel Mobile Start New
  1. Select “New Channel” at the top.
Telegram Channel New Channel
  1. Name your channel and add a description (optional). Then press Done.
Telegram Channel New Done
  1. Choose whether you want this to be a Public or Private channel. Note that private channels can only be joined through an invite link.
  1. If you’ve selected the former option, create a Public Link to facilitate new members joining your channel.
Telegram Channel Mobile Set Url
  1. Tap on Done in the upper corner once you do.
  2. In the next window, you’ll be invited to add subscribers from your Telegram contacts. Tap on the ones you wish to add to select them.
Telegram Channel Mobile Add Subscribers
  1. Tap on the “Next” button at the bottom to move to the next step.
  2. Your Telegram channel has been created! Now you can start sharing content for your subscribers.
  3. To invite more people to join your newly created channel, tap on the channel’s name at the top.
Telegram Channel Mobile Channel Name
  1. Tap on the link to share it via social media apps including WhatsApp, Instagram and more.
Telegram Channel Mobile Share Link
  1. Alternatively, you can press on the tiny QR code icon and select one of the QR code looks from the options presented at the bottom. Once you’re done, tap on “Share QR Code”.
Telegram Channel Mobile Share Qr Code


  1. On PC, open up the Telegram client.
  2. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the app.
Telegram Channel Pc Menu
  1. Select the “New Channel” option.
Telegram Channel Pc New Channel
  1. A pop-up window will appear on the screen asking you to name your channel, and add a description. Do so and then click on “Create”.
Telegram Channel Pc Add Name
  1. Like above, you’ll need to decide if you want this to be a Public or a Private channel, and if you go for the former, create a link for your channel.
Telegram Channel Pc Add Link
  1. Lastly, add people from your own list to the channel and that’s it, you’re done the channel has been created. Or you can tap on the “Invite via Link” button.
Telegram Channel Pc Add Subscribers
  1. To start sharing your channels link when using Telegram for PC, just tap on the Info button in the upper corner.
Telegram Channel Pc Link Clipboard
  1. Click on your channel’s link. It will be copied to your clipboard. Now, you can easily share it with anyone via social apps or email.

How to Manage Your Telegram Channel

Once you’ve created your channel, you’ll be in charge of managing it as well. On top of posting content regularly, there are other things you can do to improve your channel.

Set Photo/Video for Your Channel

Make your channel stand out from the crowd by setting a photo or video for it. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. On mobile, open the channel in question and tap on its name at the top.
Telegram Channel Mobile Channel Name
  1. Press on the Pencil button in the upper right corner.
Telegram Channel Mobile Pencil Icon
  1. Tap on the “Set Photo or Video” option.
Telegram Channel Mobile Set Photo
  1. Your channel should now have a profile picture.
  2. On desktop, press on the Info button in the upper corner.
Telegram Channel Pc Add Profile Pic
  1. Next tap on the empty bubble underneath “Channel Info” to upload a profile pic for your channel.

Add More Admins

While the default admin is the person who has created the channel, you can allow other people to manage your channel by making them admin(s).

  1. On mobile, open the channel in question and tap on its name at the top.
  2. Select “Administrators” from the “Members” area.
Telegram Channel Mobile Administrators
  1. Tap on “Add Admin”.
Telegram Channel Mobile Add Admin
  1. Select the contact(s) you want to make Admin.
  2. In the next window, decide what permissions you want to give the new Admin.
Telegram Channel Mobile Admin Permissions
  1. Now press on the “Done” icon and that’s it. You have a new Admin on board.
  2. On desktop, to find the Admin option you need to open up your channel and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
Telegram Channel Pc Manage Channel
  1. Select “Manage Channel” from there.
  2. Click on “Administrators”.
Telegram Channel Pc Administrators
  1. Tap on “Add Administrators” at the bottom.
Telegram Channel Pc Add Administrator
  1. Select the person you want to add.
  2. Like on mobile, choose the permissions you want to new admin to have and that’s it.

Set Auto-Delete for Your Channel’s Content

You have the option to set an auto-delete timer for the stuff you post on your channel. This can be can be handy if you’re looking to avoid your channel getting cluttered. You can set this option only from the mobile Telegram app.

  1. Open the channel in question and tap on the three-dots in the upper right corner.
Telegram Channel Mobile Three Dots
  1. Tap on the “Set auto-delete timer” option.
Telegram Channel Mobile Set Timer
  1. Choose the amount of time you want to keep your messages in the chat, and then tap on “Set for this chat”.
Telegram Channel Mobile Set For This Chat

Start a Live Stream

It’s possible to do live streams in your Telegram channel. Here’s how to start one.

  1. In the mobile, open the channel in question and tap on its name at the top.
  2. Press on the three-dots in the upper right corner next to the Pencil icon.
Telegram Channel Mobile Three Dots
  1. Select “Start Live stream” from there.
Telegram Channel Mobile Start Live Stream
  1. Press on the “Start Live Stream” button or alternatively “Schedule Live Stream” and your subscribers will receive a notification once the stream starts.
Telegram Channel Mobile Start
  1. On desktop, tap on the Streaming icon in the upper right corner and select one of the available options.
Telegram Channel Pc Stream Icon

How to Enable Conversations in Your Telegram Channel

Telegram channels also differ from groups in the sense that only the admin(s) can post content on them. As a subscriber, you will only be able to view what has been posted with the option to forward said post(s) to others. However, Telegram does facilitate a way to discuss channel posts. You can link channels to groups and in doing so everything posted on a channel will also be duplicated in the group. Follow us in this section as we show you how to do it yourself.

  1. In the Telegram app go to the channel in question.
  2. Tap on the name of the channel at the top.
  3. Now press on the Pencil icon like we showed you above.
  4. Select Discussion.
Telegram Channel Mobile Discussion
  1. From here select one of your groups or create a “New Group” by pressing on the relevant button.
Telegram Channel Mobile Add Group
  1. A pop-up will appear asking you if you want to make that Group the discussion board for the channel. Keep in mind that if you do so, anyone from the channel will be able to see messages in the group even if they are private.
Telegram Channel Mobile Link Group
  1. Tap on “Link Group” to confirm. Once the channel and group are linked, you’ll notice a “Leave a comment” button underneath each post in the channel. Tap on it and you’ll be taken directly to the group to discuss.
Telegram Channel Mobile Leave Comment
  1. On PC, access the “Manage Channel” option like we showed you previously.
  2. Click on Discussions to add a Group.
Telegram Channel Pc Discussions
  1. It can be an existing one or a new on that you can make on the spot.
Telegram Channel Pc Add Group
  1. Like on mobile, click on “Link group” in the pop up that appears.
Telegram Channel Pc Link Group

How to Delete a Telegram Channel

Think that you Telegram channel served its purpose? No problem, you can delete it. Or you can simply exit it, even if you’re its sole administrator. Here’s how to do so on mobile and desktop.

  1. On mobile, open the channel in question.
  2. To delete a channel, simply tap on the channel’s name at the top.
  3. Next, press on the Pencil icon.
  4. All the way to the bottom you’ll find the “Delete Channel” option. Tap on it.
Telegram Channel Mobile Delete
  1. The app will ask you whether you truly want to go forward. Tap “Delete Channel” again to confirm.
Telegram Channel Mobile Delete Channel Confirm
  1. You can only delete a channel if you’re the owner of that channel. If you’re just a subscriber you can simply leave the channel if you had enough of it. You can do so by opening the channel in question and tapping on the three-dots in the upper right corner.
Telegram Channel Mobile Subscriber Dots
  1. Select “Leave channel” from the options that appear.
Telegram Channel Mobile Leave Channel
  1. Confirm your choice by pressing on “Leave channel” once again.
Telegram Channel Mobile Confirm Leave
  1. On PC, as channel owner you can go to “Manage Channel” and then select “Delete Channel” to get rid of it.
Telegram Channel Pc Delete Channel
  1. As a subscriber, go to the channel i question and click on the three-dots in the upper right corner.
Telegram Channel Pc Leave
  1. Select “Leave Channel”.
  2. Confirm your choice by pressing on the “Leave channel” button in the pop-up that appears.

How to Find Channels to Subscribe to on Telegram

If you rather not create your own channel, but rather subscribe to other channels, you can easily find worthy channels to follow by checking Telegram’s official channel list page.

  1. Visit this page on your mobile or PC.
  2. Use the search bar to look for a particular interest of yours, or browse the categories if you so prefer.
  3. Once you’ve identified a channel you can click the “Preview” button to take a sneak peek at what this channel is offering.
Telegram Channel Preview
  1. If it convinces you, simply click on the green “Subscribe” button.
Telegram Channel Subscribe
  1. The channel will now open in your Telegram app. Press “Join Channel” at the bottom.
Telegram Channel Pc Join Channel
  1. That’s it, you can now enjoy what the channel has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I add my own channel to Telegram’s list?

You can add your own channel to Telegram’s page. Select the category and then scroll all the way to the bottom. Click on the “Add Your Channel” button. Fill out the information and press “Submit”.

2. How do I know who posted a message in a Telegram channel?

Unless the owner has enabled a certain setting, you won’t be able to see who posted a message in the channel. Note that only the owner and admins can post in the channel, not regular subscribers. To make post authors visible, owners need to go to the channel in Telegram, tap on its name at the top, and then on the Pen icon in the upper right. From the next panel, toggle on the “Sign Messages” option.

3. How can I see a channel’s subscribers?

Unless you’re the owner of that channel, you won’t be able to. You can view the number of people subscribed to the channel by opening up the channel and glancing at the top underneath the channel’s name. As the owner, tap on the channel name and then on the Pencil icon. Then tap on Subscribers to see a list of people subscribed to your channel.

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