How to Create an HTML Signature in Mail for OS X

How to Create an HTML Signature For Emails in Mail for OS X

An HTML signature allows you to have a rich formatted signature that gets sent with all of your outbound emails. Such kind of signatures are usually stylized (such as bold or italics), have hyperlinks attached to them that link to social media or other sites, and have various font sizes. If you happen to use the Mail app on your Mac, you will not see an option to create an HTML signature that contains the aforementioned styles. However, with the guide below you can get that done with the Mail app.

In order to create an HTML signature in the Mail app, you need to go through a nifty trick that gets the job done for you. Here’s how it works.

Creating an HTML Signature

1. Launch the Mail app on your Mac by clicking on Launchpad in your dock and searching for and clicking on the “Mail” app icon.


2. When the app launches, click on the “File” menu and select “New Message” to compose a new email. Alternatively, you can press the shortcut keys “Command + N” to create a new email message.

What you are doing here is creating an email with your HTML signature in it, and you will then copy and paste this stylized signature in the settings of the Mail app in the following steps. The email that you are creating here is only for the purpose of creating an HTML signature, and it will not be sent out.


3. When the Compose Email window launches, type in the HTML signature you wish to create and stylize it however you want.

You can stylize text by making it bold or italics, adding a hyperlink, and even changing the font size.

When you are done creating the signature, select the entire signature and right-click and select “Copy” to copy the signature to your clipboard. You will paste it in the following steps.


4. Click on the “File” menu in the Mail app and select “Preferences…” to be taken to the settings panel where you can add a signature for your email accounts.


5. When the Preferences panel opens, click on the “Signatures” tab where all of your email signatures are located.

Once there, click on the email account you wish to create a signature for, click on the “+” (plus) icon, select the entire signature that has been created by default and right-click and select “Paste” to paste the HTML signature that you created before.


6. Your HTML signature has been added to the chosen email account, and you can now create a new email and see the signature being attached automatically by the app.

Here’s what the New Email window looks like after I created an HTML signature.


You are now all set to send out emails with your stylized HTML signature.


If you are just fed up with using the same old school plain email signature and wish to have a unique and stylized signature, the above guide should help you create one for your email accounts in the Mail app.

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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