1. I tried both the methods and both the methods are enabling the built-in Guest account. But the problem is, I’m unable to switch to the account. However, I can create many local user accounts and I can login to it. Seems like Guest account is not allowed to be used in Windows 10.

    • Hi Steven,
      Have you tried clicking on the home button and where you see you name and user image, right or left click (doesn´t matter which one) and then choose the account you want to use? Thanks for commenting. =-)

  2. i tried the both method however method 2 doesn’t work as it said that it can’t be use with my windown 10 edition. Seem like ypu can’t use guess mode with windown 10

  3. method one does work ok but it not really a guess account it just like another account on your PC, cuz the person stillave pretty much all the acess your PC. Is there anyway that I can limited other user in my computer like a real guess account

  4. Great! Thank you so much. I followed your instructions and I was able to set up Visitor in both laptop and desk top Windows 10.

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