5 of the Best Android Apps to Create Animated GIFs

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a kind of mage file that contains animation. You can see things moving around in these kinds of images, unlike an image format like JPEG and PNG which can only display a static picture. There are a number of sites on the Internet where you can see some of the really great GIFs. If that gives you inspiration and you wish to create your own GIF, the following Android apps should help you do that.

1. Fixie GIF Camera


Have you ever wanted to amuse your friends by creating really great GIFs on your device? Fixie GIF Camera app can help you do that. It lets you create short GIFs and share them with your friends instantly. Not only does it let you create rough animations. It also lets you add funky borders, color styles and a number of other goodies to make your GIF the way you want to. Usually, the GIFs are about one to three seconds in duration, and then they repeat themselves to ensure a flow of the animation.

The app is available free of cost in the Google Play store.

2. GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera


GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera allows for creating high-quality cool GIFs on your device. Once you have set up everything, it will only take about a minute for you to create your GIF. It has two modes to capture GIFs: Auto and Manual. You can choose to go for whatever you think suits you. While creating a GIF, it presents you with three options to choose from: You can create GIFs from videos, pictures, or existing GIFs. Once you have chosen an option, you can then add your own text in the GIF, change its speed, rotate it, and do whatever you want with it to make it look amazing.

The app has everything you need to create a customized GIF. It costs nothing and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

3. Gif Me! Camera


Are you an Instagram fan and love to add filters to your photos? Then you will definitely love Gif Me! Camera. The app lets you add filters to your GIFs. It can create GIFs with animation up to 14 seconds, which is good enough to convey your story in your image. With modes like stop motion and video, you can create GIFs that are distinguishable from the others.

The app is available in the Google Play store at no cost.

4. Animation Camera Animated GIF


The Animation Camera Animated GIF app gives you a clutter-free interface for you to create GIFs without compromising on the number of features. With tons of features available in the app, you can create GIFs very easily and fast and share them instantly with your friends wherever they are. It supports both portrait and landscape modes for your creative creations. It utilizes both the front and the back camera of your device, so you can choose the one that is best for your shot.

The app is available in the Google Play store for free.

5. GIF Maker


As the name implies, GIF Maker lets you make GIFs out of your existing images and add a little bit of creativity. The app presents an opportunity for you to create unique GIFs that can have a strong effect on viewers. It lets you add a number of things to your GIFs, such as icons, shapes, and so on. This way your GIFs will stand out in the crowd as they will not only have what most apps offer by default but also a touch of your creative mind.

It is available for free in the Google Play store.


Be it on your news feed or on a website, you will find GIFs everywhere. If you want to create your own GIF, but don’t have the tools or the experience, the apps above allow you to create GIFs quickly and easily.

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