How to Create Customized Google Assistant Commands

Wouldn’t it be nice if Google Assistant performed more than one task with a word that only you know? Besides the typical commands to show you the weather, you can make Google Assistant open specific apps in the order you want.

For example, with one word you can have it show you the news and open WhatsApp for you. If you have a routine where you usually open the same apps in the same order, this can be a real timesaver.

How to Create Personalized Google Assistant Commands

To create your own Assistant Command, open the Google app and tap on the hamburger icon at the bottom-right. Tap on Settings (second to last option) at the bottom, and under Google Assistant select Settings.


In the following page tap on the Assistant tab, and select Routines. Google Assistant will already have some commands ready for you to use. Pressing the blue button at the bottom-right, you can create your own.


Once you’re in the New routine page, tap on “Add commands” to add the word that will trigger the actions. Below, you will see the “Add action” option. After you select it, you can either choose from popular actions such as “tell me about the weather,” “tell me about my commute home,” “broadcast I’m home,” “read unread texts” and many more.

How to Personalize Your Google Assistant Commands

If there’s an action that needs more information such as a phone number, tap on the cog wheel to the side to add the additional information.


When you’re done adding your action, don’t forget to tap on “Add option” at the top to save your changes. The same applies when you personally add the action you want Google Assistant to perform. If you wish to add more actions, keep tapping on the “Add action” option.

You can also change the order of the actions in a particular routine Tap on a routine and then on the option that says “Change Order.” You’ll see a list of all the actions. Long-press and slide the actions to the order you want. To save your changes, merely tap on the back button, and it will be saved.


You can also add media to your routine. Tap on the “Add media” option, and you can add audio such as music, news, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and even sleep sounds. Each of these media options can be customized. For example, if you choose to hear the news, tap on the cog wheel, and either add or remove a new source.


When you’re done adding all the actions, tap on the checkmark at the top to save everything. Your newly created routine should appear on the Custom list automatically.


Every user’s needs are different, so it’s of no surprise that there will be something specific you want Google Assistant to do. Thanks to these custom commands, the actions are done in the order you want and fit to meet your needs. What is the first command you’re going to create? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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