Easily Create Custom Maps Using These 4 Tools

Create Custom Maps Using These 5 Tools

Maps can be very productive for both individual and business use. They can guide you to the right location without any need of asking directions or help your customers easily reach your business. If you frequently use maps, then you might like to try these custom maps that are specially customized for your needs.

There are many services that will let you customize a map of any area to make it intuitive. You can add marks, track packages, define routes, add text and much more. To help you create custom maps, we are going to list the best tools for this purpose.

1. Click2Map

This is a reliable custom maps service, but you will have to pay for the service to unlock all the features. Click2Map offers thousands of built-in markers to make it easier for you to specify a location according to its nature. You can highlight key places, add routes and add text or even a whole report to specific areas.


Their free account will only let you customize a single map with a limit of ten markers. You can opt for a paid account ($39/month) to get full features with unlimited maps and markers along with the ability to geocode up to 1000 locations per month.

2. UMapper

UMapper is another very intuitive custom map tool that offers reliable service for both personal and commercial use. For personal use, you can basically use UMapper for free without any kind of hard restriction (UMapper Logo will be applied), but you will have to opt for the premium version for commercial use and additional features.


UMapper will let you add routes, marks, lines, polygons, circles, pictures, audio, turn-by-turn navigation and text to specific locations. You can save the map locally or in the cloud storage and even embed it on your website. The premium account is charged per map views, costing $0.00025/view.

3. GmapGIS

If you are looking for an extremely simple tool that is also free to use, then GmapGIS is a great choice. Accessing the website will directly lead you to map editing (no other drama), and you can start editing instantly. The navigation is very fast and you can add lines, rectangles, markers, polygons and text, etc. to customize the map.


You can save the map as text or a KML file or get a link to share the map with anyone online. GmapGIS is also capable of measuring distance to any specific area, adding traffic details or finding information such as street address or your Home location.

4. Scribble Maps

Scribble Maps is a very attractive custom map making service that offers most of its features for free. You can do all the common map editing like calculate distance, add lines, edit overlays, draw, add polygons, add marks and text and easily change the color of all the edits.

Custom-Maps-Scribble Maps

You can create a map and save/share it without any registration, but registration will let you share maps under your name. The paid version will let you remove the Scribble Maps watermark and provide more security and privacy to your data.

Above are the best free and paid tools for customizing maps. Most of the features are the same, so going for a free tool will be a better choice. However, you can always go for paid subscriptions if you think you really need the paid features.

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