How to Create Boomerang Videos on an Android Phone

As using video becomes more of a regular part of everyday life, you may want a way to give your videos a quality look. And you want to do that quickly. If you are using Snapchat or Instagram, you can make these videos directly from the apps. But if you’re going to take an old video and turn it into a boomerang video, the option isn’t available in those apps. You need another app for that feature.


What Is a Boomerang Video?

Boomerang videos are created by taking a short clip of a video and editing it to make a video that plays both forward and backward creating a video loop. That’s why it is sometimes called a looping video.

The ability to boomerang videos was designed initially by Instagram and was wildly popular. The drawback to their app today is that it only works with videos you create right then and there. You can’t go back and select an older video and edit it to boomerang.

If you are interested in making boomerang videos on Android or iPhone, there are lots of different apps available. Most of them are not difficult to use, so it comes down to which apps have the best features.

Create Boomerang Videos with Reverse Movie FX

Reverse Movie FX by Bizo Mobile is one you may want to try. It’s available for both Android and iPhone. To Install it, find it in the App Store or from Google Play. It does contain ads that pop up before you edit the video and afterward. You can eliminate ads with a pro version for $2.49.


Creating a Boomerang Video

1. After you install the app, get started by clicking on the reverse arrow on the home screen.


2. Choose to either record a movie to use or upload one that you have already made.


3. If you choose the movie option, locate the folder containing your video and tap to select it.


4. Cut the video by using the sliders at the bottom to select the starting and ending frame.


5. Press Start.

Choose options for your movie

1. First, select the direction you want the movie to go. You can make it reversed or a combination of your original video and the reversal.


2. If you want to, add one of their many filters to your project.


3. The choice to use HD quality is only available on the pro version.

4. Set your audio choices. Choose music if you want to add some.


5. Click Ok.

6. Click “Start Reversing.”


7. After a few seconds, you can watch your new video.

Record and edit a movie

To record a video to add a boomerang effect to it:

1. Tap the camera icon on the first screen after the reverse arrow. It will direct you to the camera app and offer resolution suggestions to make the app work better.

2. Shoot your video.

3. Click either “Retry” or “OK.”

3. Press Start.

4. Choose your options which are the same as for a premade video.

More Options

There are many other apps that you can use to make boomerang videos. Some others that give you the option to use pre-recorded videos are Loop VideoLoop Video – Boomerang Video To GIF Maker, and Loop Video – Loop vid to GIFs & video to GIF maker.

At the bottom of the screen there is an option to share your videos right from the app. You can upload directly to apps like Facebook or send your movie to friends using texting or messaging apps.

Do you want to make boomerang videos? This app may be a good one to investigate. Are there other boomerang apps that you have tried? Tell us in the comments below.

Tracey Rosenberger Tracey Rosenberger

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