Create And Share Your Photo Album Instantly With Picaboo

Online photo sharing sites such as Flickr or Picasa might have make it easy for people to share their photos, but they are lacking the real feel of a photo album. If you are looking for that special feeling, Picaboo would be a good alternative for you.

Picaboo allows you to create a complete photo album – with page flipping features, to give you that real and physical feel of viewing your photos. It also comes with images editing features and the ability to share your photo albums with your friends and families.

Let’s see how we can create an album with Picaboo.

Creating a photo album with Picaboo.


1. Download and install Picaboo.


2. On the first run, Picaboo will prompt you to sign up for a free account.


3. Once that is done, click on “Create Book” option button to create a new photo album.


4. Select the suitable theme for your photos. There are some beautiful themes included in the package: baby, birthday, bold and beautiful, catalog, collage, cook book, portfolio, holiday, wedding, travel and year book. In this example, we will use the “collage” theme. If none of the default themes caught your eyes, you can also find and download more themes online.


5. Browse and locate the folder containing the photos, then select the necessary photos for adding to photo album and click next to proceed with editing.


6. Picaboo will prompt on how to create the photo book. You can select “Auto Create album” or build the album page by page from “scratch”. In this tutorial I have used “Auto Create” to illustrate. You can also use the story telling option to explain each and every page with description about the photos.


7. Picaboo allows you to edit your album, like changing the background of the page, add corner style, photo tool to adjust positions and including the soundtrack in photo album. The editing tools are illustrated in the below screen shot.


8. At any point of time, you can scroll to any page of the album and make the necessary changes to that page.


9. Once you have finished compiling the album, you can click on the “Share” button on the menu bar to share the album with your friends.



Picaboo is friendly to use and offers wide range of themes which fills many occasions of our life. Apart from creating photo album, you can also create photo cards which can be used creatively as “birthday party invitation”. You can print the photos in the album to your local printer or place an order of photo to Picaboo (at a fee).

Have you tried Picaboo? Share your experience with us in the comments.


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