How to Make Free Ringtones for iPhone Using iTunes

The iPhone is an awesome smartphone and I’ve been in love with it ever since I got it.

The iTunes app store is just one of the many benefits of using the iPhone and it is amazing to see and use all the innovative applications being developed by third party developers.

However, if you talk about Apple as a company, they’ve had a pretty tight control over the iPhone platform and that is my only gripe with it. Apple’s control over the iPhone ecosystem is so much that they charge you to even create ring tones for the iPhone even if you have purchased the song legally through iTunes, and for a lot of people paying for ringtones is the only way to get ringtones for the otherwise excellent phone.

In today’s tutorial we’ll show you how you can create a ringtone for your iPhone for free using nothing but iTunes and a little perseverance.

To start with creating your own iPhone ringtone, open iTunes and select the song that you want to make a ringtone out of.


Right click and select “Get Info“. Go to the “Options” tab select a “Start Time” and “Stop Time” . This will ensure that iTunes will play the song starting from the “Start Time” to the “Stop Time”. Make sure that the stop time doesn’t exceed the start time by more than about 40 seconds. To be on the safer side, I usually keep the length at 30 seconds.


You can uncheck the start and stop time settings after you’ve created your ring tone.

Now, go to Edit->Preferences and in the General tab click on Import settings


And make sure that the AAC encoder settings are set to the following.


Now, right click on the song that you’d selected in the beginning and create an AAC version out of it.


You should now see two songs with the same name in iTunes but one of them would be of 30 seconds duration (or the duration that you chose for the ringtone), while the other one would be the full original song. We’re almost done now.


Select the newly created 30 second AAC version of the song in iTunes and press CTRL+C. Paste the song on your desktop (or any other folder) using the CTRL+V shortcut. This AAC version of the song will have the .M4A extension. Change it to .M4R.


Now, with the iPhone connected to your computer. Simply drag this file to the iPhone icon in iTunes.


That’s it. Your newly created ringtone should now be visible in the iPhone and you can start using it rightaway.


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  1. wow, this article on making ringtones for your iphone should be front page news. very thorough. I’ll try it tonight. Pretty soon I wont have to worry about downloading ringtones.

  2. I followed this post exactly, but have run into a glitch. I have an iPhone 3g 16gig. I create and edit the file to a 30 second .m4r. It plays in itunes, which sees it as a ringtone. But when I synch and the file is copied to my phone ringtone directory… it says it is an .aac file and does not view it as a ringtone. Any suggestions how to overcome this problem at the final step?

    1. Did you try not sync’ing the file and instead directly dragging it to the phone ? That might work.

    2. well after you change the file extension to .m4r you will have to play the ringtone and the ringtone will eventually be added to your itunes. from there, just sync it over to your iphone

  3. yes, I attempted to drag the created ringtone directly to the ringtone directory under the connected iPhone in iTunes, but it is all grayed out and will not allow me to drop a file there. I went into the preferences menu, but cannot find a setting that will undo the block and allow me to drag the created ringtone directly to the ringtones directory for the connect iPhone. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

    1. I think the option to drag is grayed out because you have not enabled the manually manage media option. Enable that and you should be allowed to drag the file directly to the phone.

  4. Forgive my ignorance, and I have looked all over iTunes preferences and iPhone settings, but where do I enable the manual managing of media?

  5. I found it by googling for it. It is in the summary area. I checked the box, then I attempted to manually drag the ringtone I made to the ringtone directory on my iPhone. It would not copy to their. It caused my iPhone to go into a brief synch mode. Unfortunately the ringtone never appeared int he list of ringtones in iTunes, nor did it appear on my iPhone as a ringtone option. Any other thoughts? I followed your instructions in the original post to the tee. iTunes sees the first one I created as a ringtone in the library directory of ringtones, and plays it. But the phone still will not see it or play it.

  6. G R E A T N E W S !

    It finally worked. I was copying it to ringtone directory itself, and I also noticed there was a 30 second aac file in the music. I erased the 30 second file in the music library, then dragged the file just to the phone listing in iTunes. It copied it to ringtones and it worked.

    You are my hero! Now I can truly have a unique ringtone for every called and can identify them by sound without having to drop a bunch of coin to Apple, who is already doing quite well, thank you very much!

    1. I can use multiple ring tones on my phone. I really don’t know right now what is wrong with your particular setup. Let me try once more on my phone.

  7. Not so great news. Here is the latest weirdness. Every time I create a new ringtone and seek to copy to my iPhone, it writes over the previous ringtone. For example: I created a 30 second Supertramp ringtone. It was in my phones ringtones. Then I created a Genesis ringtone and copied to my phone. I briefly had 2 of the same Genesis ringtones, then it adjusts to just being one. Then I created and copied a 3rd ringtone, same thing happened again. I guess I can only have one ringtone at a time that I create. Do you have any thoughts on why this is occurring?

  8. …I’ve got exactly the same problem as Jing, except mine wasn’t resolved by following those steps.

    When I drag the converted file into my iPhone, it copies into the iPod music but not the ringtones folder!

  9. @Andrew: Are you sure you’ve followed all the steps correctly. What you’re facing would usually mean that the iPhone is not recognizing the file as a ringtone but a *regular* AAC file. Did you change the extension of the newly created file as mentioned ? Did you copy that same file ?

  10. Howdy guys!

    Any thoughts on being able to create and keep more than one ringtone on my iPhone 3g 16 gig?

  11. I have the same problem with Dr. Jing.
    I created 3 different ringtones and draged them to ringtone and when I go to my ringtone on the phone I see 3 custome ringtones but all 3 of them are the same and have the same name. basicklly I can not have more than one ringtone.

    1. Have you tried to 1. create 3 files by copying that one 3 times on a given location; 2. rename those files with different distinctive names; 3. set them up to 30 seconds; 4. drag/drop after you select manually adjust info on iTunes.

      I did it and it worked just fine for me. :)

  12. It works…. thank you very much, I tried many times to create a ring tones and never work.. It prety good

  13. Is their a limit on how many songs you can put on the phone. Besides you available amount of space. I ask because, I can only get 4 songs in my ringtone section. But your formula worked great thanks…

  14. @Nittkpj: I have 5 ringtones currently in my iPhone so there is definitely no limit of 4 ringtones.

    @Amir @Dr. Jing: I will take back my words. Please don’t drag the ringtones to the phone. Sync them as normal. If you drag the ringtones then you will get multiple tones with the same name in the iPhone. I just created 5 ringtones, and dragged them to the library section of iTunes. iTunes added them to the ringtones subsection.

    I then sync’ed my iPhone and all the rintones were successfully added to the iPhone and I can use all of them.

    Let me know if this doesn’t work for you even now.

  15. Hi,

    I use vista & cannot work out how to change the file extension to .m4r.
    Can you help me please?

  16. Success! I have not created about 30 ringtones. Here is what I had to do to get it to work:

    1. Had to delete the 30 second AAC version from Itunes, other wise the ringtone would never copy over.

    2. Had to have auto synch unchecked, only manually manage music checked in summary section of phone under iTunes.

    3. Had to drag the ringtone to library section of ringtones. Then drag ringtone from library to phone connected icon of iTunes. It would then synch and load the ringtone.

  17. Brilliant

    thankyou very much was starting to get slightly annoyed with my iphone ringtone :)
    great step by step plan too :)


  18. Worked for me! Great tip. I was able to use the star trek communicator sound (the old star trek) into a ringtone using this tip. :D I found it as an MP3 on the web. Be sure to drag to the Library bar/ ringtones. At first I tried to drag it to the iphone bar in Itunes. Then, check sync all ringtones on you Iphone menu in Itunes.


  19. So I followed all the steps – and the new ringtones show up in the itunes ringtone library and the ringtone library when my iphone is connected like they should end up on the phone — but after syncing the iphone the new ringtones don’t show up on my phone. i can find them on itunes in both places, but they don’t get copied onto the phone like everything else does. (and i have it checked to sync all ringtones) — any ideas? maybe i’m just missing something here.. thanks!

  20. thanks alot guys :) everything worked and i have like 234356763434565433 BALL’N RINGTONES !!!

  21. Hi. I am having similar issues as some of the people above but have tried and still can only get one ringtone that i created to sync to my phone. I deleted the original shortened versions and still no luck. Any more suggestions? Thanks so much!

  22. So I tried this with music I haven’t bought on itunes. After I renamed the file with the new extention it is listed as a ‘ringtone’ in my main library but it doesn’t come up under the ringtone file in itunes and I can’t see it on my iphone 3gs.

    anyone have a fix for this?


  23. My ringtones also come up under my itunes library as “ringone” but do not get transfered to the ringtone folder of my itunes. i have tried both manual sync and auto sync and they don’t seem to come up on my iphone.

    The music is not from itunes – is that the problem?

    Anyone know whats going wrong?

  24. For all those who haven’t been able to make this work. Please try with the instructions again and follow them carefully. A lot of people have been able to sync multiple ringtones created using this method so it definitely works.

  25. thank you so much!it took me a while, had the same kinda problems as jing but ive eventually managed to do it haha thanks alot for this x

  26. Thank you, I got it working, slight variation on Mac, I cant do anything within the iTunes with the file once created, it has to be copied outside of iTunes; but I could not use command+C/commandV; instead dragged file from iTunes to the Dekstop window. Then in back in iTunes, goto File/add to library and it puts it in the Library/Ringtone folder correctly. From there, I dragged the file to the iPhones device and it put it in the iPhone Ringtone folder correctly. Checked the iphone, it is listed under Sounds/Ringtone/Custom. Great work Sharninder.

    1. Sorry forgot to mention I changed the extension from m4a to m4r when the file was on the desktop.

      Sonic – Windows: right click on the file and choose rename, making sure you only change the
      “a” part to “r” (without quotes) and you do not change anything else. Mac: Click on the file once to highlight, then again to get the edit mode and make the same change. when done, click on the desktop away from the file to deselect it.

  27. Sharninder- Thanks so much my 10 hour new iphone now has a custom ringtone.

    Any tips on where to tweak my steps to allow for more than one ringtone to appear on the iphone would be great guys ?
    I save multiple ringtones and they appear in itunes and are clicked to sync but only one appears successfully under custom ringtones.


  28. i managed to do everything as you said but when i put the song inside my itunes it read it as a ring tone, but the song was not 30secs as i requested. and when i put it in my iphone it does not show up as a ringtone even though it does in my itunes. my phone wont allow me to use the ringtone

  29. I did as instructed the song is show under the ‘ringtones’ tab in my itunes but when i sync it to my iphone it doesn’t show up in the ‘ringtones’ tab in my iphone 3GS

  30. I have a 32 gb 3Gs and iTunes I finally was able to get a custom ringtone to appear on my iPhone with some slight variations of your process. But, when I add a second ringtone, my iPhone shows the second one twice, but not the first one. I deleted the second one in iTunes, and the original ringtone showed up again on my iPhone. Now when I add a second ringtone, it shows on my iPhone as the original duplicated twice. iTunes shows that I have two different ringtones in my folder…?

  31. how do you turn a m4a into a m4r?? I cant figure it out. I tried adding .m4r to the end of the name but then it comes out as m4r.m4a

  32. I have followed all the steps up to dragging the song from my library to my desk top it will not allow me to drag it keeps on bouncing back, it will not stay on my desk top. can someone help…

  33. Hi!
    I’ve been trying to import my first new ringtone on my iPhone… I have the ringtone in the Ringtones folder on iTunes on my mac. At first, I just plainly synced the selected ringtone under the ringtones tab with my iPhone plugged in. I then checked the ringtones on the phone, and it was not there.
    Then, basically, I went through mostly everything that Jing and Sharninder had discussed, including the ‘manually managing music and videos’, but after I checked that and attempted to sync the ringtone again, the ‘Sync ringtones’ box had been unchecked, and when I tried to check it again it gave me an error message that said all existing songs, movies, and tv shows would be removed. So I went back to try to uncheck the ‘manually manage etc.’ and it gave me the message that all existing content on the phone would be replaced with the content from my iTunes library. I clicked ‘OK’ and once again tried to check the ‘Sync ringtones’ box, but now it said that all ringtones on the phone would be removed and replaced with ringtones I have on iTunes.
    Again, it says in the ‘Ringtones’ of the iPhone in the sidebar that the song is there. But it is not on the actual phone. I tried many things that were mentioned in the previous comments but I was unsuccessful.
    What should I do? Please Help!!!
    Thank you so much!

  34. i finally got it working on MAC..after you create the ACC version drag that to the desktop and change the extension to m4r save it then go back to itunes and delete the acc version you created from the library and computer…then just double click the m4r in the desktop and it will show in the RINGTONE folder finally…….this is how I managed to make the ringtone to be inside the ringtone folder and not in the music library…hope this helps..

  35. Hi i’ve done everything upto the point that you have to convert the file…how do i do this? i’ve tried writing it on the end of the rename but that doesn’t work. HELP :)


    1. Right click the file and chose the convert option from there. The renaming part comes after that.

  36. When i get to creat acc version it says converting but i never see two files of the same song?? please help!!

    1. So, are you saying that you only get one file even after the conversion ? Can you check again. Are you sure you converted from an MP3 to AAC ? And did you select the song to run for only 30 seconds ? Redo the steps from the beginning and i’m sure it’ll work for you.

  37. I have followed your instructions with no problems. But when I drag the new ring tone icon to my ipod (in itunes) it won’t stay there. I can see the ringtone, I can listen to it on itunes, but i can’t get it onto my ipod. Any suggestions?

  38. Did everything as well..DOES NOT WORK!! Never shows up in the RINGTONES folder under settings on the 16gb 3GS iPhone.

  39. Hi, I have followed all the steps but on my computer when I copy the file to my desktop, it doesn’t show the .m4p extenstion of the file, so I have nothing to change???? i’m using windows XP if that helps!! thanks!

    1. I don’t know if you have figured this out by this point. But to show file extensions in Windows XP just follow this simply tutorial.

  40. WOW! Followed the steps (had some extension changing issues) but was able to get it to work within 15 minutes. I also tested it on a ringtone I had downloaded and was able to convert a free ringtone file to an iPhone Ringtone using the same process. That means we can now use not only songs but any FREE ringtone out there! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


    1. did that too.but my one ringtone always takes over each other if i drag one by one. If i drag them both at one, it still shows up only one ring tone.HELP!

  42. Thanks goodness Apple removed DRM protection from iTunes, that removes a step from the process. I’d like to add that many people don’t have a bluetooth to transfer their ringtones to their phone so they’ll to use an app like Data pilot to copy any music files from your hard drive (usually in “My Documents/My Music” on Windows) to your phone.

    1. When I copy custom ringtones to my iPhone only ONE shows up in the CUSTOM field on the ringtone selection page on the iPhone. When I check with iTunes they ALL show up as being on the iPhone. From reading this thread I could see that many people had that problem, but if and how did they resolve this issue?

      (I am on 3Gs 3.2.1 jailbroken w/ blackra1n, iTunes 9.0)

  43. Great tip to get ringtones on iphone easily. I’ve managed to copy two subsequent ringtones, the first unfortunately being replaced by the second using the drag n drop technique, meaning I only have one ringtone at a time. What I want to avoid is syncing each time a ringtone because each time Ive done that in the past iTunes requires that my entire music collection be emptied to allow the sync.

    Is there a way to avoid this so that my ringtones are all visible in the ‘Custom’ section of the Sounds settings menu, and therefore usable?

    1. Oops, found it! Doh!! Copy from Desktop to Ringtone folder in iTunes then copy to Ringtones folder in iPhone, easy!!

      Sharninder, ur the best!

  44. I have got all the way up to dragging to the desktop. It says mpeg4. I cant change it to m4r. I have clicked on my computer to find tools to change file extension Where is it. I am using vista basic. I cant find tools! Help!!

  45. Hello, 1st and foremost I’d like to thank you guys for the tutorial. I however have a similar problem as some people here have posted. I just got my iphone 3GS, and followed the steps word by word. Once dragged into the Iphone’s ringtones folder it shows in my mac’s itunes, however…It won’t show anywhere in my Iphone period. Am I missing something?

  46. Same here. I could do it few months ago. But I cant do it anymore now. It appeared in Itunes under my Iphone ringtone that the music files are in Iphone ringtone section. But I couldnt see it anywhere in my Iphone, in the setting (you know)… Is it because i just updated my iphone software to version 3.1 ???
    Can you please advise us? Cheers.

    1. Did you put Ringtone in the album title? That worked for me. My question is can I start the time anywhere in the song? I can only make it work for the first 30 seconds of a song…. Thanks

  47. It doesnt work with Itunes 9 i found out so if anyone can figure out a new way that would be awesome

  48. All those who’re having problems following the guide, please start over again and follow the instructions again. The steps can be a bit confusing at times. Also, just read the first few comments and that should help since some others have also faced problems with this hack and solved them.

    If nothing else works, come back and I’ll see if I can help.

    1. Thanks so much for the step by step. I have itunes 9 and iphone 3g with 3.1, and everything goes smoothly with the instructions up until the last step where it gets moved to the iphone. i get the dreaded circle with the cross through it. it lets me put it up in the music library just fine, but not on the iphone. any ideas?? again, THANKS!!

  49. Me again, I found my own answer on the ehow site. The last step given above didn’t work for my versions of itunes/iphone (see my post above).

    What I had to do was simply double click the file I created on my desktop, then sync. It was that easy. It worked really well!!

    Here’s where I found this method:

  50. Hi, I am having problems converting the added file from M4a to M4r. When I rename the file it renames it as filename.m4r.m4a

    I was wondering if its my windows setup that it does not show me the .m4a part of the file and if you have any suggestions how to fix it it will be appreciated.

    1. I had the same issue I then found this

      if the link doesn’t work for some reason here is a short explanation :

      ” Control panel > Appearance and themes > folder options > view > uncheck hide extensions for known types

      rename file from: FILENAME.m4a to FILENAME.m4r
      double click file and it should pop up in the ringtones section. sync your iphone and it should work. ” (I take no credit for this fix)

  51. I have iTunes 9 and it worked when I dragged the file into my iTune’s ringtones section, not my iPhones ringtones section. I then synced the ringtones to my phone and its done! Thanks so much!

  52. Hi

    Im having problems finding the m4a file after it is converted. Its not coming up in my itunes once its converted. Where is it going????

  53. Hi,

    I’ve managed to get this to work once, however I am having problems getting the start/stop function to work i.e. I check the start time box and put in 1:02 then I check the end time box and put in 1:32 which is all fine. Then I convert the file to AAC and instead of it being 30sec the new file is 1:32secs long. Weird. Anyone else had a problems like this? Any advice?

    1. just made the same post didnt realize you had the same problem. So, what just worked for me was making another aac version off of the first one that is ‘1:32″ long and just check on the stop time box. Should work it did for me

  54. I’ve been able to make this work, been able to get the ringtone to my phone, but only certain ringtones show up in the list. Is there some kind of limit to the number of custom ringtones you can have? Are there settings you have to change? I show all of them in the Ringtones folder on iTunes, but on the phone itself, it seems to be missing something. Any ideas?

  55. This works, but the easier way would be to use the free ringtone tool from mobilespin dot net

  56. This works, but the easiest way I’ve found is to use mobilespin free online ringtone tool

  57. I’ve been able to make ring tones in the past using this way, but for some reason now when i convert the song i want in to aac itunes does format it to where i want it to stop ie start time is 3:19 stop time is 3:49 but when i make it into a acc it goes from 3:19 to the end of the song

  58. Ok, i finally got this to work and it shows up in my ringtones. When i look in my phone the only place i can use it is for phone calls, i wanted to use it for text msg. Does anyone know how to make it useable for a new text msg?

  59. I’m fine with making the ringtone and fine until until i try to drag it onto the iPhone part, or ringtones part. It doesn’t drag and comes up with the cancel sign


    if the name of the file for example is a day tripper- beatles just change the file name to day tripper problem solved

    1. I created the ringtone and got it to drag into the Ringtones Library, but it won’t go into my iPhone Ringtones even after I sync… any ideas? Please!

  61. It works with iTunes9, I just did it. It’s so simple, and the instructions were so easy to understand, even my grandmother could have done it!!

    In addition, with the screen shots, it was a breeze!

    Thank you.

    But now to get sms ring tones… how the heck do we even gat any into the phone without breaking it??

  62. This worked great for me. Thank you for the tutorial! The only change that I had to make was that I couldn’t drag the .m4r file from my desktop to my phone in iTunes. I had to go to the Ringtones section in iTunes and do “Add to Library…” from the File menu. Easy and fun!

  63. This works great! Thanks a ton! Once question however. I can make multiple ringtones and see them in the Ringtones tab in my iphone through itunes on my computer, but for some reason I only see one under the custom tab in the ring tones section on my actual phone. Can I only have one custom ringtone on the phone at a time? Thanks again.

  64. After making changing the extension to .M4R you MUST delete the other versions of the song in Itunes. It can then be dragged into the ringtones folder for your Iphone.

  65. One further to above. Do NOT delete your original full version of the song, Delete the shorter version you made and put on the desktop to change to M4R. Then you can add the file to your ringtone folder

  66. Thank you so much.. i used my iphone for last 1 year without any ringtones.. at last i found this info and works like a charm.. itunes 9 latest.. no issues at all.

  67. I have done everything perfect every step by step and try every trick in here to see if i can add all my ringtones to the phone that i created… as a right now around 6 of them.. anyways… no longer than 20 seconds, small names, deleted the created small file out of itunes, drag them, double click them, sync a million times and my issue still the same i can only get to see 2 of the ring tones i made and some times it randomly change to a 2 different once when i’m playing around with it… how can i fix that?? i have Itunes9, iphone 3GS, 3.1.3 thanks….

  68. and when i say “i can only get to see 2 of them” i am talking in my actual Iphone.. in the ringtones setting in my phone.

  69. Aack. I've read everything above and have followed all these steps.
    But here's my hitch. I have music I copied from CDs I own. iTunes 9 is not letting me drag or copy any of those songs out of iTunes. So I cannot get the clip to the desktop to then rename its extension.
    Any advice?

    1. Read comments and suggestions above there are lots of solutions posted for Mac and PC.

      Here’s what worked for me – as a Mac user:

      1. Go to the song and control click, go to ‘get info’
      2. Go to ‘options’ and check the start and end times you want for the song (less than 40 seconds), then click ‘ok’
      3. Control click on the song again and choose ‘Create ACC version’ – NB this won’t come up as an option if you are in the process of downloading or synching or importing, you have to wait until that’s finished
      4. Drag the file to the desktop
      5. Delete the file from itunes (just the short one, not the original!)
      5. Rename the file on the desktop something short, with no special characters (spaces are ok), e.g. ‘Milk Eyes Ringtone’. Add/ change the extention to .m4r (Milk Eyes Ringtone.m4r)
      6. Drag this back to your itunes
      7. Find the file in your itunes ringtones folder
      8. Control click & go to ‘Get info’, then remove everything but the name of the ringtune in the ‘Info’ and ‘Sorting’ sections (including genre – choose ‘none’)
      9. Drag ringtones to your iphone OR (if this doesn’t work)

      9. Click on your iphone ringtone folder
      10. Go to the file menu (top of your computer screen) and choose ‘Sync (John Smith’s) iphone’

      Doing it this way should give you as many custom ringtones as you like. Worked for me. Good luck!

      1. i manually manage my music so there is no way i can sync my ringtones without deleting all my music. so is there a way to have more than 1 custom ringtone if you manually manage ur music?

  70. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love clever people like you, you take all the credit you want!! xxxxxx

  71. Dude you just said to change it from m4a to r but how???!! thats the hardest part anyways!!

  72. There is a link in the comments which tells you how to make Windows display the extension of a file. Follow that and you'll be able to view and change the extension.

  73. i cant drag it onto itunes it wont let me , why is this , ive tired everything when i go to drag my ringtone onto itunes and wont let me when everyones else say copy mine mine has a like no symbol :(

  74. after an hour I finally got it to work. I was having trouble changing the format to .m4r because when I went to properties it wouldnt tell me the format it was in. Go to control panel-appearance and themes-folder options-view-make sure the “hide extensions for known file types is NOT checked then click ok. Then go back to desktop right click then properties. You should now see the song tittle followed by the format. Example m4a. Simply change it by typing m4r where m4a was. Note: make sure there is a space from the song tittle to the .m4r Then drag song from desktop to itunes and it should work. If not try starting the whole process over again.

  75. Too all the people out there that have followed all the steps and…

    1. Can see the created Ringtones in their itunes Ringtone folder
    2. Can see it in the itunes Ringtone “Sync” folder under devices
    – The folder where it lets you select all ringtones or just a few
    3. Have synced over and over and cannot get it into their iphone

    Here is the solution!

    plz paypal me $1 for answer

    j/king =D

    Go to get “info” on your newly created ringtones, under “Name”, you CAN have spaces, don't put in special characters

    When you create ringtones from your songs you have in your music library, it will come with album info. This is where the problem is, delete everything under INFO and SORTING except for the “name” portion.

    =D GL

  76. i get as far as track being converted but the 30sec track doesnt appear anywhere help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls

  77. This fixed the syncing problem for me.
    Thanks lol_at_u!!!

    “delete everything under INFO and SORTING except for the “name””

  78. this worked well till i got Itunes 9, the ringtone is in my itunes library and it shows up on my iphone “ringtones” section when it is synced to my computer, but whenever i look for it in my Iphone i can't find it.. is there anything i can do?

  79. Hi – I am still unable to start a song part way in and get the next 30secs of it. What am I doing wrong? (starting from 0 – 30 is no problem)

  80. Couldn't move the .m4R file from desktop to device. Just showed the little red NO ENTRY symbol when i hovered over device. Advice please?

  81. Had the same problem, assuming you made the file to a m4R correctly all you have to do is click on the phone section of your itunes, and click the ringtones tab… file… add to library… then a folder will appear… drag your m4R into this folder… double click on it… and it will appear in your ringtones box… click selected ringtones… then check the box… and sync your phone… and it will be in your ringtones… it works i promise

  82. I still am not allowed to drop it in the ringtone folder that you suggested to bring up. I also cannot add to that library with my new .m4r file. . . . now what?

  83. you click on the song in your music folder or wherever you have it stored on ur comp. then you right click it and clikc on properties. change the part where it says m4a to m4r and then a screen will pop up and tell you that you are changing it. click yes or ok or w.e
    if you DONT see the .m4a at the end of your song title, go to your CONTROL PANEL then folder options. Click the view tab and uncheck where it says Hide extensions for known file types. Hope this helps :D ^^

  84. after setting the AAC and high quality in preferences, still unable to create AAC version when right click on song. Please help

  85. One more new finding: Actually, it has nothing to do what is present in other ID3 tags. The problem is “Name” should be less than 10 character length. When I tried a ringtone A with all other info, but name with less than 10 characters, and another ringtone B with no info other than name, but name being more than 10 characters, ringtone A appeared, B didn't. When reduced ringtone B to <= 10 characters, it worked.

  86. you just have to go to your iphone settings and change it to manually manage music and then you will be able to drag it into your iphone ringtone folder

  87. Just click on the song so that it's highlighted – then click on the 'Advanced' tab on the top toolbar – and there you will see the option you want.

  88. Go to advanced (on MAC) or Edit (on windows) and it should be an option. However, with the new iTunes update, I am unable to load the ACC file onto my iphone… all other steps work… but this method currently does not create an actual usable ringtone

  89. Everything in the instructions works, however i renamed the file extension from .m4a to .m4r and attempted to drag it back into Iphone and it would not allow that. What am i missing ?


  90. Try syncing the ringtone instead of dragging it. That has worked for some commentators. It worked by just dragging on my setup.

  91. Hey, when I try to sync it to my iPhone, a message pops up saying that the file was not copied to the iPhone because it could not be found. But I could play it through iTunes perfectly fine. Someone knows what's happening?

    Gawd I'm such a technological klutz.

  92. Thanks so much – I was baffled as to why one of my ringtones stopped working after a software upgrade. The cuplrit? Name was too long!

  93. After setting AAC encoder, when I right click on the song, I cannot find “Create AAC Version”. I am using Itunes version what am I doing wrong

  94. So my Create AAC version link was under my Advanced tab, but it is greyed out. Any idea why?

    Any solutions?

  95. you need to go to itunes>preferences>import settings and then change the import setting to “import using aac encoder”

  96. when i tried to right click the song to create AAC version, that option is not there. any ideas?

  97. now its not letting me drag it into the phone? i already changed it from a to r and that worked, its just not letting me drag it into the!

  98. hi

    ive had the same ringtone for 5 yrs…my little boy giggling when he was a baby. ive just goen from the nokia to iphone and all iwant is thw same ringtone! i got someone at work to convert the file to mp3 and then he tried converting to m4a. ive tried thw whole aac then renaming m4r and everything…its just not working for me…… :-( im on the verge o bloddy paying a programme to do it for me which seems riddiculous cos i'll never change the ringtone. pls help!

  99. Everything here worked great…..EXCEPT, no matter what I do, I can only see 1 custom ringtone selection in my iPhone. I have removed them all from my 'Ringtones' section, re-created them, removed ALL info except the name, knocked the file names down to well under 10 letters, deleted the AAC versions of the files in my iTunes library and put them back into my Ringtones folder BOTH by dragging and dropping as well as gooing to file and add file. I feel like I have exhausted all of the options listed here. Anyone have any other suggestions as to how I can make more than 1 file appear under custom in my phone? Like many others here, I can view the files in the ringtone library in iTunes, I can even play them- but they do not show up on my phone. Only 1 at a time will, and every time I delete and start over, a different file will be the one that I can see in the phone. Any ideas?….I created great ringtones to use for about 5 of my friends….is there some reason why I cannot see more than 1? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  100. I have done absolutely everything i am supposed to and when im syncing my ipod it is not transferring into my ringtones?
    Any ideas?

  101. Here's what worked for me. I'm a Mac user, but I assume the principals should be fairly similar:

    1. Go to the song and control click, go to 'get info'
    2. Go to 'options' and check the start and end times you want for the song (less than 40 seconds), then click 'ok'
    3. Control click on the song again and choose 'Create ACC version' – NB this won't come up as an option if you are in the process of downloading or synching or importing, you have to wait until that's finished
    4. Drag the file to the desktop (this will create a copy)
    5. Delete the file from itunes (just the short one, not the original song!)
    6. Rename the file on the desktop something short, with no special characters (spaces are ok), e.g. 'Milk Eyes Ringtone'. Add/ change the extention to .m4r (Milk Eyes Ringtone.m4r)

    (NB – for PC users: I don't know these steps will work for you guys for changing the file extension this way, as I haven't tested it on a PC. You might be able to change it by going to song info or something, I don't know. Other people in this thread have posted suggestions about how to change file extensions so take a look around if this doesn't work for you).

    7. Drag the file/ track back from the desktop to your itunes
    8. Find this file in your itunes ringtones folder
    9. Control click & go to 'Get info', then remove everything but the name of the ringtune in the 'Info' and 'Sorting' sections (including genre – choose 'none')
    10. Drag your new ringtones to your iphone. OR (if this doesn't work)

    10. Click on your iphone ringtone folder
    11. Go to the file menu (top of your computer screen) and choose 'Sync (John Smith's) iphone'

    Doing it this way should give you as many custom ringtones as you like. Worked for me. Good luck!

  102. Even i had the same problem. The Issue is with the name. Try to use as small a name as possible. preferrably less than 5 characters

  103. ********EASIEST AND FASTEST WAY TO GET A RINGTONE!!!!!!!!!!************

    There is a website i use for ALL my ringtones and its called

    there you can search for a ringtone, download it to your desktop, then drag it over to your ringtone icon on itunes! It does all the formatting for you :)

    but i have an issue and that is, i do not sync my music i manually manage so on itunes all my ringtones are on there but only one shows up on my iphone at a time. is there a way to get all my ringtones on my iphone without syncing?

  104. Had the smae problem and found that you can't have spaces in the name, dashes worked for me. The longest name I have is 17 characters.

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