How to Create a Wiki Page in Less than 5 Minutes With Intodit

Wikis are a great way for people to collaborate on a project from anywhere. A Wiki is a simple website which allows users to create and edit pages without requiring any sort of html knowledge. The people collaborating in a wiki can add information, images, links and maintain an information system.

Wiki can be created using popular wiki software like Mediawiki, but that requires a database, a web server and some hosting account to host the software files. If you want a simpler and free option to create a wiki website where you and your friends can collaborate or plan a project, Intodit would come in handy.

Introdit let’s you create wiki websites for free (see example). You do not need a hosting account and install a wiki software. You can create multiple wikis using Intodit. Following are the steps involved to create your own Wiki with Intodit:

Set up your wiki page and invite collaborators

1. Head over to Intodit and register for an account. It’s free.

2. As soon as you have registered, you will be asked to name your wiki and choose an address. The interface is quite similar to Blogger, which lets you create blogs for free.


3. After that, you will be asked to enter a description for your wiki. Choose a category for your wiki website and enter a short description about what your wiki is all about.


4. After you have added the necessary description and tags, hit the button “Create Wiki”. Your wiki will be created and you will be taken to the “Styles” page.

5. From the Styles page you can choose a custom style for your wiki. There are 12 themes available which you can choose (i like the chocolate theme very much). After you have chosen a style, hit the button “Save style”.


6. You will then be taken to a page to share your wiki with your friends. From here you can request other users to come down and add information to the wiki website you had just created. Enter the email address of your friends and you are done. Your friends will receive a link of your wiki in their email inbox


How to write Wiki entries and invite people

After you have completed creating your wiki as described above, you need to create pages and organize your wiki. Sign in with your username and you can create wiki pages and add information to an already created page.

Adding a new page: Adding a new page is simple and straight forward. Just click “Add a new page” from the left sidebar to create a page.


Select a suitable title for your page and select “Create page”. Your page will be created and you can later edit and add information to that page using the “edit this page” link.


This is how the WYSIWYG editor of the wiki editing interface looks


Impressive, isn’t it ?. You can add images, videos and other widgets from the “Add widget button”. You can change font sizes, insert hyperlinks, use a custom color with all the similar formatting options provided.

Password protecting a page: As an owner of the wiki website, you can restrict people from editing information on a particular page. Introdit let’s you protect selected pages of your wiki with a password. Just hit “Lock page” and the page is locked for editing.

Other settings: There are a lot of other settings which you can use to customize the look and feel of your wiki website. You can change the background of the wiki page, select a custom header and use a chosen avatar as Wiki’s avatar image. The folks behind Intodit have put up a nice FAQ page, from where you can learn more about creating wiki websites with Intodit.

Have you created your Wiki page ? Do let us know if you have any better alternative.

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