Create a Photo Collage for Print or Wallpaper Using Photovisi

Photo collages are a great way to customize your desktop, or any site that needs a background (e.g. web site or any profile page you can customize the background). However, it is usually an extensive process that needs the use of a image-editing software, like Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Dreamweaver. Photovisi resolves all this. It allows you to build custom photo collages without having to download any software, creating an account, or having any prior knowledge of any image-editing tool.

After pressing the Click here to start! button on the main page, you will be taken to where you can select one of the 18 templates that Photovisi offers. I don’t see where you can create a new template, but I guess if you wanted to do that, you wouldn’t be needing the Photovisi.

You will be forwarded to the tool where you can customize your photo collage. In this tool, you can add photos, crop a photo, or delete one. Note: The number of photos that you can add (up to 30 photos) depends on which template you select. You can also choose the background color and/or image for your photo collage. If you want to choose a HTML color that isn’t already listed, then you can always enter the code.

After pressing the Save button, Photovisi will provide you a link to download your photo collage. The photo collage is in a JPEG format and it’s a standard desktop size (i.e. 1024 x 786). You are also given an option to use the Photovisi Online Store to create different keepsakes, such as mugs, mousepad, magnet, etc., using your photo collage.

Photovisi is a useful tool to create quick photo collages that can be used as wallpaper or to create keepsakes. It’s user friendly and accessible from any location. I like that you don’t need to create an account to create a photo collage. Also, Photovisi makes the creation time quick and painless. It wasn’t as long as I thought it would take.

It would help if it integrated with photo management sites, like Flickr, Picasa, etc. In this way, users would be able to access their images from anywhere without having the images on their hard drive. Also, it would be nice if they allowed you to select the size and image format that you wanted to download the photo collage as. For instance, my PC laptop’s screen resolution is 1920 x 1200 px. Therefore, the image clarity would not be as clear as if my screen resolution was lower.

Photovisi definitely has a good start to being a great photo collage tool. Additionally, it’s a smart move they link your creation to their online store, so people are given the option to print their creation on an everyday item. Photovisi is a photo collage tool to save and watch how it evolves.


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