The 5 Best Cover Letter Templates for Google Docs

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Are you in currently in the job market and want to stand out to potential employers? If yes, then a good cover letter for your resumé is what you need. With thousands of cover letter templates for Google Docs online, it’s hard to pick the ones that fit your industry, job title, experience, and other qualifications. We’re here to help, as we’ve rounded up the best templates that you can edit to fit your needs.

Tip: if you don’t have a resumé yet, Google Docs can help you with that as well with Google Docs Resumé Templates.

1. Lisa Garcia Cover Letter Template

The Lisa Garcia cover letter template by Career Reload is good for applicants who want their name and profession to stand out but keep their letter looking neat. This template gives you suitable space for your name, profession, and contact details.

Lisa Garcia Cover Letter Template

This template doesn’t come with direct suggestions on what you should write in the body of your cover letter. However, it does come with tips on how to write the cover letter to increase your chances of getting noticed and hired.

Good to know: if you have a need to write in MLA format, this tutorial will show you how to do so in Google Docs.

2. Simple Beige Cover Letter Template

The Simple Beige cover letter template gives your cover letter a relaxed look while keeping things neat and professional. The divisions in this template give you much space for your name, logo, profession, and contact information.

Simple Beige Cover Letter Template

This template also doesn’t come with suggestions on what you should write, so you should have a draft prepared or look for resources to help you write a good cover letter.

3. Linear Blue Cover Letter Template

If you’re a fan of vertical dividers, the Linear Blue cover letter template is a good pick. It offers plenty of space to prevent your letter from looking hard to read, and you can add all of the necessary information, like your contact information and location.

Linear Blue Cover Letter Template

If you don’t like the background color of this template, you can always change it to something you like or remove it to get a white background. To change the background, click on a blank space within the template and click on “Replace image” on the Google Docs toolbar. To get a white background, hit the Backspace or Delete key.

Tip: Have more or less information than you thought you would? We can show you how to change the margins in Google Docs.

4. Simple Yellow Cover Letter Template

Do you want or need to add a photo to your cover letter to make it more personal? Then the Simple Yellow cover letter template is perfect for you. It has a vertical divider with two columns for your image and contact information, then a section for your cover letter’s body.

Simple Yellow Cover Letter Template

Unlike most of the templates on this list, this cover letter template is vivid and has a dedicated spot for your image. However, if you don’t want to or aren’t required to add a photo, you can always leave the image section blank. We’d also like to add that this template doesn’t have writing suggestions.

5. Google Docs Spearmint Cover Letter Template

Google Docs has a small selection of letter templates that can be used as cover letters. Most of them are simple and don’t have dividers, like the Spearmint letter template. You can find it in Google Docs template gallery. Go to the Google Docs website and click on “Template gallery” to expand the selection and view available templates.

Google Docs Spearmint Cover Letter Template

The Spearmint template doesn’t have dividers and is formatted like a simple block style letter. What’s special about this is the green horizontal line design on the header that adds a bit of liveliness to the template. If you’re not a fan of the line on top, you can double click on it and delete it.

Helpful Hint: Need to email your Google Form? Read on to learn how to embed Google Forms in an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download these templates as PDFs?

Yes. To download a filled-out template in Google Docs as a PDF, click on “File -> Download -> PDF Document (.pdf).”

It’s better to submit a PDF copy of your cover letter to prevent issues with formatting when you submit it for an application.

How do I edit these templates in Microsoft Word?

If there’s no Microsoft Word version of the template you want to use, you can open it in Google Docs and download it as a Word document. Click on “File -> Download -> Microsoft Word (.docx).”

However, if the template isn’t formatted for Microsoft Word, there will be issues with the formatting. Most of them should be easy to correct when you open the Word document version.

How do I add my signature to a cover letter template in Google Docs?

Here’s a guide to adding a written signature in Google Docs. You can also insert a photo of your signature with a clear background by clicking “Insert -> Image,” then selecting the source of the photo of your signature. If you need to sign a PDF on your iPhone, we can help you out there, too.

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