How to Copy URLs of All Open Tabs in Google Chrome

Do you know there are ways to copy the URLs of all open tabs in Google Chrome in one go? Imagine a scenario where you have to share multiple website links with your colleague. Instead of copying the URLs of every opened tab in Google Chrome one by one, you can copy the URLs of all opened tabs at the same time. Here's how you can copy all URLs of opened tabs in Google Chrome.

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1. Use Bookmark

Bookmark, as its name implies, allows you to save a website so you can quickly access it again later. By making use of this Bookmark feature, you can also copy the URLs of all bookmarked websites and share them with others.

1. In Google Chrome, add all the websites of your opened tabs to Bookmarks. You can do this by going to "Menu (three-dot button) -> Bookmarks -> Bookmark all tabs."

Copy Urls Of All Tabs Chrome Bookmark

2. Once you hit the "Bookmark all tabs" button, you will be asked whether you want to save the bookmarks in a new folder or an already existing folder. Choose your desired option and hit the "Save" button.

Copy Urls Of All Tabs Chrome Bookmark Folder

3. Open the Bookmark Manager by going to "Menu (three-dot button) -> Bookmarks -> Bookmark Manager."

Bookmark Manager Chrome

4. In the newly opened Bookmark Manager window, click the folder where you have stored all the opened tabs.

5. Click the first bookmark in the list and press Ctrl + A on your keyboard to select every bookmark on the list. Alternatively, you can right-click on the list of selected bookmarks and choose the "Copy" option.

Copy Urls Of All Tabs Bookmark Chrome

6. To paste the links of the bookmarks, open Notepad. You can also open any other software, such as Microsoft Word or WordPad, to paste the links.

7. Paste the links either by right-clicking on the new page of Notepad or pressing Ctrl + V on your keyboard.

Paste Bookmarks

That's it! You have successfully copied the URLs of all the opened tabs in Google Chrome. Notably, you will get the list of the web addresses in text format.

2. Use TabCopy Chrome Extension

Google Chrome has useful extensions available in its Chrome Web Store. One of the best Chrome extensions that allows you to copy all the URLs of opened tabs is TabCopy. It is a simple and easy-to-use extension.

1. Download the TabCopy Chrome extension from the web store.


2. Open all the websites you want to copy the links of.

3. Hit the TabCopy extension icon on the toolbar to access the drop-down menu. It shows three options:

  • Copy the URL of the selected tab.
  • Copy the URLs of all the tabs in the current window.
  • Copy the URLs of all the tabs in all of the open windows.
Tabcopy Copy Urls Of All Tabs Chrome

4. TabCopy provides options to copy the URLs in three different formats:

  • Expanded: this will copy and paste the URL and the title of the website in separate lines with a blank line in between.
  • Compact: the URL and title are copied with no extra spacing.
  • Link: the URL will be copied as a hyperlink.

Choose any of the options and use Notepad or any other apps and paste the links.

Wrapping Up

You can make use of the above-mentioned methods to copy all the URLs of opened tabs in Google Chrome. Also be sure to check out the extensions to annotate text on the Web.

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