How to Copy Text from a Blocked Website in Chrome

Copy Text Do Not Copy Sign

These days, many websites have taken to adding page-blockers to their written content so that readers are not able to copy the text simply by selecting the relevant portions, right-clicking the mouse and selecting the “Copy” option. Fortunately, there is a way to work around this tactic using Google Chrome with the help of the following steps.

Copying from the Page Source

Open Chrome. Go to the website you wish to copy lines from and click on the article or webpage which contains the content you are searching for.

Right-click on the web page to reveal a drop-down menu of options. Scroll down the list until you see the “Inspect” or “View Source” option and click on it.

Copy Text Page Source Option

A new portion of the web page will be revealed which carries the source code of the webpage. This is the code that carries every piece of information available on the page in HTML language, which your browser translates into the page that is visible on your device.

Copy Text Page Source

Use the shortcut Ctrl + F to reveal a search bar. Type in the first few alphabets or words of the portion of the text you wish to copy. This will highlight the part of the source page which carries the raw text you’re looking for, enclosed within various types of coding brackets.

Copy Text Find Lines Through Page Source

Select the portion of the text you wish to copy, right-click with your mouse and tap on the “Copy” option.

Copy Text Copy Lines Through Page Source

The text has now been copied by your mouse, and you can paste it to a clipboard, document, Google search bar or any other location you wish to use it.

Alternate Methods

Sometimes the above method may not be enough to copy a piece of text from a webpage. In such cases, you can try these methods instead.

Disabling Javascript

Open Chrome and go to the top-right corner. Click on the three dots, and from the drop-down menu that appears, select the “Settings” option.

Copy Text By Disabling Javascript

To the left of the new page that opens is the “Advanced” tab. Select this tab to reveal a new list of options. Click on “Privacy and Security,” and scroll down until you see “Site Settings” and tap on it.

Copy Text Privacy And Security Settings

In the section that opens up, locate and turn off the Javascript option for your browser.

Copy Text Privacy And Security

Restart your browser and go to the website to copy the text. Make sure to turn Javascript back on after you’re done copying, since certain sites might not work correctly without it.

Take a Screenshot

If you are unable to directly copy the content, you can still take a picture of the webpage using the Screen Capture extension. Once you install this extension, a camera icon will appear next to the address bar on your Chrome browser. Tap on this icon to take a screenshot of the entire webpage.

Copy Text With Screencapture

You can then save it as either a JPG, PNG or PDF file on your device.

Print Option

Use Ctrl + P to bring up the “Print Page” screen, and choose the “Save page as PDF” option to save the image of the webpage on your device.

Copy Text With Print Option


As websites fight harder to protect their content from online theft, it is the end user who suffers when you are unable to copy even a name or an address from a webpage. With the help of the above methods, you can circumvent the problem of sites blocking their written content.

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  1. Sometimes Pressing CTRL + A still works (which highlights all). Now just press CTRL + C and you are done.
    You have ALL the text of the web page, but this can than easily be put in a text editor (so you only get text) or a Word like processor if you want all the pictures along with it as well.
    Just remove the bits you do not need.

  2. Some sites have MANY “Roadblock” tags that block copying of text on the page, and there is no way around these that I have found.

  3. Someone shared a url with me to read however when it opens in Chrome and Edge browsers on PC and on iPhone the text has gray horizontal bars obscuring each row of text. After cutting and placing the url in the Brave browser the text displays properly. Why would the text be blocked in those other browsers?

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