How to Convert Your Video Easily in Mac with Evom

The world of videos is the perfect example on how impossible it is to monopolize a format. This is of course a good sign of open market. The problem is, there are too many cases that users have to go few extra miles just to be able to watch a video on their chosen gadget. There are also many cases that users failed to do so just because of the differences of the formats.

It seems that a good video converter is already a necessity for every computer. And while I was out on the quest of finding one, I stumbled into this free application from The Little App Factory called Evom. (The name is the backward spelling for the word ‘move’, maybe they deliberately gave the app that name to make it memorable.)

The small preparation

Before downloading this app, please make sure that your system is Mac OS X – Leopard. If you have no problem with that, go and download the latest version (0.94b at the time of writing).

Another thing to prepare before running this app for the first time is the internet connection. Upon installation, Evom will ask users to download video components required for the converting process.


After the download process finished, you are ready to go.

Move Formats Easily

The first thing that you would notice from Evom is how simple its interface. It’s like a dropbox where users can send their video files to, either from the hard drive or from a video link.


Evom provides users with a bookmarklet to enable one-click-downloading of their favorite flash videos from sites like YouTube. To use the bookmarklet, drag this link to the bookmarks bar of web browser.

Then users can choose where they want to save (or ‘Send’) the video and what format the video will be. I think the first choice – even though it’s located at the very right – should be Folder because here you have the most choices of format and quality.


Another possible saving location is:

– YouTube, as a web video. Don’t forget to fill in your username and password in the ‘Login Credentials’


– iTunes and iPod. Here you have the option to save only the video sound as MP3 file.



– Apple TV.


After choosing the location, click ‘Convert’,


and wait for the process to finish.


The one little thing that’s missing

Evom does its job smoothly and the conversion process is quite fast. But I think there is one little thing missing from this app.

It is the “remaining time” indicator in the conversion process. Most users – like me – would like to know how much longer they have to wait for the process to finish. But maybe that indicator would pop up in the final release, as the one I tried the beta version.

I think Evom is a nice app and a good free alternative to all of the other paid video conversion apps out there. Don’t forget to check out another article here in MakeTechEasier about other free video converters for Mac.

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comment below.


  1. will these convert RMVB to something playable by my iPhone? tried penguin converter but it just crapped on me.

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