How to Convert and Save WEBP Files to JPG

The best way to view a WEBP file on Desktop is to convert it to JPG.

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Webp is a file extension developed by Google. It is a format that is of superior quality and smaller in size. Google developed this new image format to reduce the size of the image without needing to sacrifice image quality. Recently, a lot of websites are making use of the Webp image format.

The problem with it is that it won’t open in a normal image viewer – for instance, Adobe Photoshop or the Windows 10 Photos app. The solution to this is converting this Webp image to JPG. This article will show you some of the best tools to convert and save Webp files to JPG.

1. Google’s WEBP Photoshop Plugin

Before moving onto online solutions and third-party tools, wouldn’t it be great if you could open Webp files directly through Photoshop? Well, some Google developers with a bit of time on their hands made this a reality. Yes, that means you can open Webp files directly through Photoshop, and convert them there (note that this will only work on the recent Photoshop versions).

  1. First, download the binary (WebPShop.8bi) from Github.
Convert Webp To Jpg Photoshop Binary
  1. Next, move the file over to your Photoshop plugins directory (default: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2022\Plug-ins\). You may get a message saying you require administrative permission. Just click “Continue” if that comes up.
Convert Webp To Jpg Photoshop Plugins
  1. Restart Photoshop if it’s open, and you’ll be able to open WEBP files just like any other image format. To save it as a JPG, go to “File -> Save for Web (or Save As)”, then select the JPG format from there.
Convert Webp To Jpg Photoshop Jpeg

2. iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG is my favorite as it has the ability to convert almost any image format into JPG, be it PNG, GIF, TIF, PSD, SVG, WEBP, or RAW. Simply upload the source image and hit the “Convert to JPG” button.

Iloveimg Convert Webp To Jpg

The iLoveIMG website has a clean user interface. It allows the user to upload images via Google Drive or DropBox and converts them for free. Moreover, the website also allows unlimited batch conversions, and you can add watermarks to the images for promotion.

3. FreeConvert

Another free and easy-to-use website to convert Webp to JPG is FreeConvert. With the help of this website, you can convert Webp to JPG and other formats, including SVG, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc.

Freeconvert Convert Webp To Jpg

The FreeConvert website gives you access to additional settings to tweak output image size and background color. You can also choose to compress the image. Notably, this website also performs batch conversions. For free users, there is a max file size limit of up to 1GB.

4. Tinyimg

Tinyimg is another website to convert your Webp files into JPG format. It does the job of converting Webp into Jpg quickly. You can upload and convert 10 images at the same time. The maximum file size allowed is 3MB each.

Tinyimg Convert Webp To Jpg

All you need to do is upload the source image, and it will automatically upload, process, and convert to JPG format. Once the conversion is done, hit the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button at the bottom to download all files at once.

5. Aconvert

Another popular website that allows batch conversion of Webp files to Jpg format is Aconvert. You can upload as many files as you want in a single session and get the desired result in JPG format. The conversion process is quite fast. However, there is one downside. You cannot download all the files at once and have to download each file manually.

Aconvert Convert Webp To Jpg

Notably, there are some settings you can change and play with before you begin the conversion. You can set the target format and change the size of the image. Once you are happy with the settings, hit the “Convert Now!” button.

6. OnlineImageTool

OnlineImageTool is a nicely designed online solution for converting Webp images to JPG. There are no limitations to using this website. You can upload and convert as many files as you want to JPG. The OnlineImageTool comes with drag-and-drop support.


One nifty feature of this website is that it allows you to see the compression of image quality in real time via a slider. You can download all the converted images at once in a zip file, thus saving a lot of time. The conversion process is also pretty swift and fast.

If you are having trouble using a Webp format image file, the above tools can help convert Webp files to JPG. Vice versa, you can also make use of GIMP to save a JPG file as Webp.

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