How to Convert Powerpoint Presentations to Videos

Sometimes it becomes necessary to convert Powerpoint presentations into video files. The computer where you are doing the presentation may not have the necessary office software installed or you want to view the presentation in your television. In such cases, you need to convert the pptx file into proper video formats and burn the video in a CD or DVD.

Why not the screen record way?

An alternative to converting the presentation to video may be using a screen recording tool and record the entire screen while playing the presentation. This method has several disadvantages:

  • You have to sit back and change the slides which can be tiring if you have a lot of slides to consider.
  • The transitions may not be accurate. This means that the timing may not be the same for all the slides and you lose out on perfection.
  • After the screen recording is complete, you still have to do finer adjustments and edit it anyway.
  • The screen recording might not be saved in the formats you want, e.g ipod, mobile etc.

Thus it becomes necessary that you use a Powerpoint to video convertor for better results. Here is Leawo Powerpoint to video converter, a free software which can convert Powerpoint presentations to all the major video formats for use in computer, Dvd, iPod, iTouch, mobile etc.

Here is a step by step guide to convert powerpoint videos using Leawo Powerpoint to video converter:

1. Download Leawo video convertor and install the application.

2. Import the presentation by clicking the “Add” button.

Convert Powerpoint presentation into Video with Leawo video convertor

3. Click the “Customize” button to customize the settings and the output of the video.

Set the timing, audio and slide transition settings in Leawo video convertor

4. Set the time each slide shows in the video from the “Timing” tab. For example: if you have 20 slides and want each slide to appear for 10 seconds, select 10 in the timing tab. The length of your video would be 200 seconds, each slide being shown for 10 seconds.

Note: If you have already applied transitions in powerpoint, the timing settings would not take effect. You will have to disable all powerpoint transitions in the first place.

5. From the music tab, you can select an audio file which would be played in the background of your video. You can choose to keep or ignore the audio of the presentation from the audio tab.

6. Now go to the “Conversion” tab and select the version of powerpoint which you have used. Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 is recomended by the application. Click “Ok” when you are done.

Choose the version of Powerpoint in Leawo video convertor

7. Now click the Profile drop down menu and select the video output format as Wmv. Set the audio and video quality to “medium” and choose an output location.

Choose Output Video Format in Leawo Video Convertor

8. The conversion time will depend upon the number of Powerpoint slides used. After the conversion is over, you will be shown the location of the converted video. The video in wmv format can then be played in your favorite media player application.

Convert Powerpoint to Video set up completed

Other Features of Leawo Powerpoint Convertor

Here are some brilliant features of this free tool:

  • You can encode all types of Powerpoint files such as pptx, ppt, ppsx, pps to wmv, asf, 3gp formats.
  • The software also works as an audio converter. You can choose to extract only the audio portion from any powerpoint file.
  • All the animations and transitions are preserved after the powerpoint presentation is converted to video.
  • Output settings for different screen sizes and resolutions are supported so that the video do not distorts.
  • You can choose to convert the presentation into iPod, iTouch, PSP, PS3, Apple TV and other mobile formats.

Do you know about any better tool to convert Powerpoint presentations into video files? Let us know in comments.

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