How To Convert PDF Files to Word

PDF files are easy to view and simple to read, however they can be a pain to edit (even if you do have the editor). This is where the app we’ll discuss in this article comes in –Some PDF. With this desktop app (compatible with Windows XP/Vista) you’ll be able to take any PDF document that you’d like to edit, convert it to Word format, and edit it with the tools found in Word.

Here’s How

Step 1: First you open up Some PDF and a window similar to the following one should pop-up.


Step 2: Then you have to go to the File tab and click on the Open File option.


Step 3: Once your document(s) has been opened in Some PDF then you need to scroll (if you have more than one) to the document you want to convert and click on it.


Step 4: Make your way all the way down to the end of the window and click on the Start Convert button to instantly begin the conversion.


Step 5: Now just sit back and watch Some PDF convert your file into Word format.


Side by Side:

Here’s the image before the conversion:


Now here’s the converted to Word format version:



For the most part converted files are good in terms of content (Images, Text, etc…). However, you’ll probably find that some of the font will come out in different sizes once the full conversion has taken place. With Some PDF you can play with a wide range of options, for example if you would like to keep or skip the conversion of images. The graphical user interface (GUI) actually feels a bit “old-school”, however it functions very well. Perhaps Some PDF will possibly bring drag and drop, better user interface and graphics to its future versions of this software.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts or suggestions on how to make tech easier below!

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