Convert PDF Files To Word For Free Online

The PDF file format is quickly becoming the de-facto format for sharing information on the web.

The good thing about PDF files is that the format allows the creator of the document, the ability to retain the original formatting even when the document is being viewed on different operating systems or different viewers.

The only problem with PDF files, though, is that it’s not easy to edit them. Not unless you buy the Adobe Acrobat suite which costs a bit of money, well … a lot of money !

We have covered ways to convert PDFs to editable word documents and today we will cover another tool to do the same job,, except that this is Web-based. (their capitalization, not ours) is a free web based application that does exactly what the name says – it converts PDF files to Word. PDF to Word will also convert to the RTF format, if you’re interested in that.


PDF to WORD is so easy to use, you don’t even need to register anywhere. Just point it to the PDF that you want to covert, chose the format that you want (DOC or RTF) and give them your email address.

The web application will then upload the file that you supplied to their servers, perform the conversion and send you the converted document via at the email address that you supplied. That’s all about it!

PDF to Word conversion

This is definitely the easiest and best PDF conversion application that I’ve used till now, and I’ve tried quite a few ! I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of the conversion.

The conversion process can take a couple of minutes, so be patient. Rest assured, in a couple of minutes you will have a shiny word document in your email inbox, that you can start editing to your heart’s content.

PDF to Word

The only hitch to using PDF to WORD for converting PDFs is that the maximum size of the input file that it can take is 10MB. So, all you aspiring authors might have to wait some time before you can actually use this tool to swap your name instead of the original author’s name from the latest bestsellers, and brag to your friends.

Other than the above caveat, the application is pretty stable and ready to use.

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