How to Convert Your PDF Files to ePub/Mobi Format

If you own an ebook reader, the popular Kindle Fire or NOOK Color, I am sure that you won’t want to read your PDF files on it. PDF is a great file format for printing and sharing documents that don’t require edits, but for ebook reading, it is definitely not the preferred format. Amazon Kindle uses the .mobi format while some other ebook reader uses the .epub format.

Over the past few years, I have amassed a great collection of ebooks, albeit in pdf format. I have recently got myself a tablet and found that reading pdf ebooks on the device is a tiring task. While some of the ebooks are formatted properly, others come with 2/3 columns layout and moving from one section to another is rather distracting. Converting these pdf ebooks to epub/mobi format becomes an necessary task.

1. Calibre

Calibre has always been my favorite ebook manager. Without a doubt, it is also the best tool for converting your ebooks from one format to another. Calibre is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and it supports a variety of file formats, ranging from pdf to epub, html, mobi, txt, rtf, zip etc.


To convert an ebook from pdf to epub/mobi, first add the book to your Calibre library. Next click the Convert Books (you can choose to convert individually or to batch convert all your books in the library). Change the output format to either epub or mobi. Edit the metadata and cover image. Lastly, click the OK button.

2. Zamzar

If you want a quick solution to convert your pdf files and is not keen to install any software, Zamzar is the one for you. Zamzar is an online conversion tool that allows you to convert files from one format to another. It supports a variety of files format, ranging from images (jpg, bmp, gif, png), videos (mp4, avi, 3pg, ogg) to ebooks (chm, mobi, epub, pdf), and many more formats.

The usage is easy.

1. Go to

2. Upload the pdf file that you want to convert.

3. Select the output format (.mobi in this case).


4. Enter your email address.

5. Click Convert.

The converted file (download link) will be sent to your email address.

3. Online Convert

Online Convert is another online conversion tool that you can use. What makes it different is that you can select the device that you are converting the ebook for so it can format the ebook accordingly. In addition, you can change the ebook title, author, add border to the pages and change the input encoding. Also, you don’t have to leave your email address (for those who are worry of receiving spam). Once the conversion is done, you can download it immediately.



As with all conversion, the final format will not be exactly the same as the original format. For some pdf files that are properly formatted, you shouldn’t have problems with the converted ePub/mobi format. However, for some pdf with complicated or badly formatted layout, you might experience some formatting issue in the converted format.

What other ways do you use to convert your pdf files?

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* This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Jovana Milutinovich

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