Convert OGG to MP4 Using VLC Media Player

vlc48x48ud1.pngBeing a versatile media player, VLC has the ability to transcode a media file from one format to one another. Here is how you can convert from .ogg (or .ogm) format to mp4.

First, install VLC media player

sudo apt-get install vlc

Open VLC (Applications -> Sound & Video -> VLC media player)

Select File->Wizard

Click Trancode/save to a file


Select a stream: point to the movie file that you want to convert



Check Transcode Video. Choose the format that you want to convert to. If you want to transcode the sound, check Transcode Audio and choose the format.


Set the encapsulation format. If you are not sure, leave it as RAW


Determine the output filename


Click Finish. VLC will start to transcode the file.