How to Convert Img Files to Odin Flashable Files [Android]

Odin is one of those tools that helps you flash custom development files, such as custom ROMs and custom mods, on your Samsung devices. It is a widely used tool for flashing almost all types of Samsung devices that run Android as their operating system. In order to flash a file with Odin, it must be a valid Odin flashable file. Most of the times, especially while looking for custom recoveries, you come around files that have .img as their extension. These are nothing but image files that must first be converted to Odin flashable files to make them work with your device. So how do you go about converting an image file to an Odin flashable file?

Well, there’s a handy tool out there that lets you automatically create Odin flashable versions of image files. It has been developed by one of the talented developers over at XDA Forums.

The tool takes your image file as input and generates the output that is ready to be flashed with Odin. Here’s the step-by-step guide for how you can create an Odin flashable out of a normal image file.

Note: The script that you are going to use only works under Windows environment. Sorry Mac and Linux users!

Converting Image Files to Odin Files

1. Head over to the XDA Forums and download the script which is attached in the first post. It is a small script and won’t take too long to download.

2. Once you have downloaded the script, put it on your desktop for easy access. Extract files from the script archive and put all of its files on your desktop.

3. Now copy the image file that you want to convert to the Odin flashable over to your desktop. Make sure it ends with .img extension, otherwise it will not work.

4. After you have placed the image file on your desktop, double-click on the “ImgToTar.MD5.bat” file. It should launch the tool for the conversion process.


5. It will do everything on its own, so there’s no user-interaction required. Just wait for it to finish the conversion.

6. When the Odin file is ready, the CMD window will close and you should be able to see the newly created file on your desktop.


7. That is the file you can now use with Odin to flash on your Samsung device.


Often the files that a user needs come in different formats, and it becomes necessary to convert such files to a supported format. The procedure above is all about converting such useful files, and to make them work with the tools that users use in their day-to-day life.

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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