[Mac OSX] Control Your Applications With Mouse Gestures

While the dock in the Mac OSX is a revolutionary tool that enables you to access to your favorite application with a click, it does not grow in intelligence and help you manage your application.

Sapiens is a application launcher that allows you to access all your applications using mouse gestures. Rather than setting up a bunch of shortcut keys or a series of mouse gestures, you only need to know how to draw circle with your mouse.


The main difference between Sapiens and your dock is that Sapiens comes with artificial intelligence. It learns from you and predicts the applications you will likely need and offers a visualization of this prediction in an intuitive way. When first installed, you might not get what you want, due to the fact that it knows nothing about your habit. It may takes 2-3 days to have enough brain power to make accurate prediction.


Steps to install and use Sapiens

Download Sapiens from http://www.donelleschi.com/sapiens/

Double click to mount the dmg file.

Drag the file to Application folder

Double click to activate the program

Draw circle with your mouse on the desktop to activate the Sapiens interface

If you can’t find your application, just type in the name of the application. A search box will appear as soon as you start typing. Your application will appear in the centre of the circle as you type.


If you want to modify the setting, click on the toolbar icon at the bottom of the circle (most of the time, you won’t need to modify the setting at all).

Sapiens is a shareware. You can choose to use it freely or purchase a license at $19.95


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