How to Control When and How Your Mac Sleeps

Control When and How Your Mac Sleeps with Wimoweh

Does your Mac often go to sleep at inconvenient times, like when you’re watching a movie or listening to music? Do you wish that you could have your Mac go to sleep at a specific time of the day? If you want better control over when and how your Mac sleeps, you’ll love the free Mac app Wimoweh.

This menu bar application has features that, in my opinion, should be included with every Mac. For starters, you can tell Wimoweh not to go to sleep while running specific applications. You can also set a sleep timer to have your Mac sleep during certain times.

You can also easily keep your Mac awake indefinitely, or at least until you’re ready for it to go to sleep. This is already available in Mac OS X, but Wimoweh gives you easy access to it.

How to Use Wimoweh

1. First, download the Wimoweh application from its official Web page. You’ll see a link to download the most beta recent version right under the News heading.

2. Once you unzip the folder, drag the file to your Applications folder and open the application.

3. You should now see the Wimoweh icon in your menu bar. When you click on it you’ll see your current power source and the minutes remaining (if you’re on battery power).

Along with that, there are four important menus/options that are used to customize Wimomeh and control the way your Macs sleeps:

Apps Prevent Sleep – This displays any applications that are currently preventing your Mac from going to sleep; you’ll only see something listed here if you’ve enabled one or more apps in the “Never Sleep Whilst Running” menu or if you’ve enabled the “Prevent Computer Sleep” option.

See the apps that are preventing your Mac from sleeping.

Never Sleep Whilst Running – This is where you can choose a single application or multiple applications that must be running in order for Wimoweh to keep your Mac awake.

Choose the apps that must be running in order for your Mac not to go to sleep.

Prevent Computer Sleep – This is an option to prevent your computer from sleeping. Click on it to enable, otherwise it will stay disabled. Note: If you enable this option, then you can’t use “Prevent Computer Sleep Until” menu; it will be automatically disabled.

Set a sleep timer for your Mac so that it goes to sleep at a specific time of day.

Prevent Computer Sleep Until – This menu is much like the sleep timer feature on most televisions. It lets you choose a specific time (in military time) to put your computer to sleep. Drag the slider until you’re at the desired time/minutes. Note: Using this menu will automatically disable the “Prevent Computer Sleep” option (above).

4. After you have everything set the way you want it, you will want to go down to the preferences menu; there are just a few options that can be enabled here – everything is disabled by default.

Wimoweh preferences menu.

You can choose to open Wimoweh at login, prevent your display from sleeping, and hide power information from the menu. You can also purge remembered apps, which is basically like a reset button. This is good if you want to start over.

Final Thoughts

Wimoweh is a simple application that’s extremely easy to use, and it includes some essential features that are great at controlling how and when your Mac sleeps. Whether you use your Mac as a media player, use it for downloading, or something else that shouldn’t be interrupted, Wimoweh can definitely help.

Charnita Fance
Charnita Fance

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