Do You Control What Your Kids Do on the Internet? [Poll]

The Internet can sometimes be a frightening experience for adults, and that makes parents wonder if they should allow their kids’ to have access. Everyone has an opinion on this matter, and Make Tech Easier wants yours. Do you control what your kids do on the Internet?

The more advances that are made in technology, the more it makes it hard to keep that control with kids. We have to watch over them when they’re on their cell phones, tablets, e-readers, X-Box, etc. Even further complicating this is that school districts have begun using iPads as educational tools. Sometimes parents are being forced to buy them, and other times the schools are loaning them to students to use throughout the school year.

What have you decided to do with your own children? Do you control what your kids do on the Internet? Let us know in the following poll.

And here is the result of last week’s poll:


A good 32% of you feel that the tablet is useful, but it is not really necessary. I think that is mainly because the tablets technology has not reached the point where it can completely replace our daily computing needs yet. 24% of you think that tablets are only good for casual browsing and reading. The rest of the votes are spread evenly between extremely useful and totally useless.

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