Google Now Notifications Getting Out of Hand? Here’s How to Control Them

Google Now Notifications Getting Out of Hand? Here is How to Control Them

Google’s virtual assistant app can offer precise recommendations that may even trick you into thinking it can read your mind. Google Now can recommend the latest news matching your interests, give traffic details about your commute, show the weather, the score of your favorite sports team and much more. If you are only using Google Now for information, then there is a chance its notifications might be turning out to be a little annoying.

If you are tired of continuously seeing notifications about the latest cat videos, then Google Now lets you customize what you want to be notified about and what to skip. In this post we will show how to control Google Now cards notifications and how to completely turn them off (if need be).

Customize Google Now Notifications

If there is a particular notification that is bugging you, then you can turn it off and still receive other important notifications. Open the Google Now app by swiping from the bottom to top or holding the “Home” button (depending on your device). Tap on the hamburger menu at the top left corner and select “Settings.”


Now tap on “Now Cards.” Under “Notifications” you will see all the categories that Google will show you notifications for. Tap on the slider next to the one you don’t want to be notified about, and notifications for it will be disabled. You can disable notifications about sports scores, weather, news and videos, traffic and more.


Disable Google Now Notifications

If you like the Google Now recommendations but are tired of all the notifications it is sending you, then you can also completely turn off all notifications. In the “Now Cards” option tap on the slider next to “Notifications,” and all the notifications will be turned off. You can still see Google Now cards by visiting the app, but notifications will not bug you anymore.


Disable Google Now Cards

If you don’t use Google Now cards at all and are just confused about a machine periodically telling you what is best for you, it might be a good idea to completely opt out of Google Now. In the same “Now Cards” menu tap on the slider next to “Show Cards.” A prompt will show up asking whether you want to turn off Google Now Cards on this device or all of your devices. Check the checkbox if you want to disable cards on all your devices; otherwise, directly tap on “Turn off” to disable Google Now Cards.


This will only disable Google Now Cards; you can still use Google Now commands and voice control features.


Google Now notifications can get a little out of control, especially if you have accidentally activated them. I personally like Google Now cards but don’t want to be frequently notified about them. That is why I keep the notifications disabled and manually see the cards when I get some free time.

How do you take control over Google Now notifications? Share with us in the comments below.

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