Make Tech Easier Contributor Guidelines

Are you looking to contribute an article or two to Make Tech Easier or eventually become a part of our staff? Before you send the article in, look through these guidelines to make sure your article fits within the scope of what we’re looking for, as we would hate to see you waste your time.

First, some background information on Make Tech Easier. Editor-in-Chief Damien Oh started the site in 2007 and over the past decade has worked diligently with his staff to create the site you see today.

We have always gotten requests for us to publish guest content, and while we decided against publishing it in the past, we have begun to wonder if it was short-sighted to reject outright all guest content on the site. Perhaps information was being passed up that could really enhance the overall knowledge at Make Tech Easier.

Because of this, it was decided that Make Tech Easier would start offering contributors a spot to publish their writing so that they could get more recognition for their work.

It’s very important that you read these guidelines through to the end. While it’s somewhat lengthy, these guidelines will be strictly enforced. If some or all of it is simply ignored, your article will be rejected outright with no second chances. It takes time to edit and post articles, and we would rather spend our time publishing great content that we know our readers will enjoy, rather than editing articles that don’t follow our guidelines.

Yes, it’s a strict policy, but to ensure that Make Tech Easier stays the same knowledgeable, trustworthy website, we must be strict with the guidelines. If you want us to spend time editing and publishing your article, please do us the common courtesy of reading these guidelines and following them.

The content you share with us, if it goes on to be published, could create a win-win situation for everyone.

When we publish your guest content, Make Tech Easier gets more content published on the site, something we’re always looking for. Additionally, we get content that perhaps reaches more readers than what we currently publish. And in the process, we may discover a new writer to add to our stable.

As a contributor, you’ll benefit as well. You’ll get exposure for your work with a link that is well-respected and that you can share anywhere you’d like. Our editors may also provide you feedback on your content, helping you improve your writing, so that you can land more writing jobs in the future. And, as mentioned above, there’s also a chance that after you publish a few pieces for us that we’ll decide we’d like to see more and will invite you to become a regular writer on MTE.

There is a basic format we ask our articles to be in, and again, we will reject it outright if the formatting guidelines are not followed. We are very strict about our formatting but for a very good reason. We want all our articles to flow well from one to the next, to keep a reader entertained.

The following are some basic guidelines to follow that will be strictly enforced:

1. Voice

While content should definitely be written in your own voice, it needs to still stick with MTE’s voice as well. It is a must for you to read through a selection of prior articles on our site to learn the overall voice of MTE.

It is okay to use first-person or second-person in writing your content, but it should still be used sparingly. It can add more personality to your content. And that’s another thing we’d like to see in your article, your personality, instead of it just being a dry tech-related article.

2. Topic

That brings up another guideline: topic. Again, please read through our site to read what topics we cover. As well-written and interesting as your article may be, if it doesn’t pertain to the site, it won’t be accepted.

While we include them on our site, we do not want to have software/product reviews or news in our contributor content. News articles won’t be accepted mostly because of the time it takes for the content to be accepted. By the time it’s published, the news will be old. Additionally, we have a rigid process for reviews that is ongoing, so there is no room for that as guest content.

Listicles on products/services will not be accepted. This is something that our staff already covers in full, and there is simply no room for more of this type of material on our site.

We will also not be accepting any interviews and infographics, as we really don’t publish that type of content on our site.

Additionally, pay attention to the name of our site: Make Tech Easier. Much of our content focuses on just that, making tech easier, whether it’s an instructional article or a post that makes a tech concept easier to understand.

It can’t be stressed enough that no matter how well-written or interesting your article may be, if it doesn’t pertain to the site or is a review, news, or an interview, it will be rejected.

The following are some examples of tech tutorial topics that we would accept:

  • Windows Store Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It
  • What Is Kali Linux and Do You Need It?
  • What Is Big Data and Why Is It a Big Deal?
  • How to Research and Cite Articles in Google Docs
  • How to Make Use of Pivot Tables in Excel to Improve Your Productivity

3. No Promotional Posts

If you’re a company and would like to submit an article promoting your product or service, guest content is not the right outlet. Again, we do sponsored reviews and giveaways on the site, and those are always written by our staff. All guest content has to have an individual’s voice.

Additionally, we will not accept content that has links to your business or download site. If you need to link to a site to show where you got a particular fact or quote, please do. But please do not just include links to your own site. The links will be removed or the article will be rejected outright, and you will not get a second shot at having a guest article published on Make Tech Easier.

If you look through the articles at Make Tech Easier, you will see that they all follow the same basic format. The following is a listing of what each guest post must include:

  • Heading with keyword included
  • An Intro paragraph(s)
  • A Conclusion paragraph(s)
  • Text broken into sections with H2 subheadings
  • A featured image that is 800 x 400 pixels
  • Screencaps or other images that help break up lengthy text that are no wider than 800 pixels and are no longer than 600 pixels

Additionally, posts should be between 600 and 1000 words. Yes, we have a few posts that are shorter than 600 words or longer than 1000 words, but for guest content, we are requiring that they be between 600 and 1000 words. If it’s too long, it will be returned to you, and you’ll be asked to shorten it. Conversely, if it’s too short, it will be returned to you, and you’ll be asked to add to it. If you are not able to do that, it will be rejected.

A special note on images: Please do not just pluck your image off a regular Google search. That is against copyright laws. You will need to provide either original screencaps, creations, or images that can legally be used.

There are many places to find images that can be used legally, and a great place to start is on Creative Commons. When you search using this tool, you need to check to be sure it can be used for commercial purposes and that it’s okay to modify, adapt, or build upon. Here are some additional places for you to find images.

Once you find an image or images, you need to let us know where you found them by providing a link or links back to the source or sources so that we can properly credit the source.

Again, adding links to your business will not be allowed. We also do not want links to our competitors. But you do need to provide a link back to other sites where you obtained certain factual information or a quote.

We have a very involved editorial process, and the content that you provide will be subjected to it. There will be two editors to look at each article. It will be checked for content as well as copy, such as grammar, punctuation, etc.

But before we even edit your post, it will be checked for originality. It must be a completely new article that has never been published anywhere else by you or another writer. Reposting a previously published article will not be permitted, and plagiarism will not be tolerated. These articles will be thrown out, and you will be banned from writing content on Make Tech Easier.

Additionally, hateful text and inappropriate content will not be accepted for any reason. Your article will be thrown out, and you will again be banned from writing for Make Tech Easier.

You may be asked to make edits by one of the editors. Please do not look at this as a bad thing. Our editors just want your article to be as perfect as it can be, so they want to be sure specific content is included and want to be sure that all grammar and punctuation is correct.

All articles must be submitted in English, as we are an English content site.

If your article struggles with quality because of language differences or if there are just too many mistakes, whether it be through content or through editing and grammar, it will be rejected. But you are more than welcome to try submitting content once again.

Finally, by submitting your content, we reserve the right to make edits to your article for clarity, to correct information, or to fix the copy as far as grammar, punctuation, etc. We may also “unpublish” an article if we deem it necessary.

Republishing Rules

Once your article is published on Make Tech Easier, it will become the property of Make Tech Easier. You won’t be able to republish the article, in its entirety, elsewhere.

You will be allowed to republish the article on your own site, one week after it has been published on MTE, as long as it has a canonical URL and clearly states it was originally published on MTE (with a link back to it).

We don’t have the time to manually approve your pitch, so it is best that you just send the finished article to us. Here is the submission process:

  1. Write your article in Google Docs.
  2. At the beginning of the article, write your name, email address and a short bio of yourself. You can also include links to your social media accounts and personal websites.
  3. At the end of the article, include image credit and links to where you found your images.
  4. Share it with contributors [@]
  5. Wait patiently.
  6. We will contact you and let you know if your article is ready to go live, rejected, or needs amendment.

Note: if you don’t have a Google Docs account, you can compress your article and the images in a zip file and send it to

Please do not follow up with emails asking about your submission. The editing process can take awhile. We will let you know if it has been rejected. If you don’t hear from us, it has been accepted, and we will let you know after it has been published.

We want this to be a rewarding experience for everyone. We are looking for amazing contributions to publish on Make Tech Easier, and we want you to be able to share in the gratification of seeing your work live on our site.

Please adhere to all the guidelines here on this page, and we look forward to reading your content and possibly publishing it very soon!