Console Gaming For iPhone

[Game console lover] If you need a reason to convince yourself to buy the expensive iPhone, here is it: You can now play all your favorite console games in your iPhone, via the emulators. Be it Playstation, Nintendo or even Sega Genesis, their emulators are easily available in the installer app. Simply click and install and you will be playing your favorite game in no time.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Playstation I Emulator (PSX4all)

GameBoy Advance (GpSPhone)

Sega Genesis (genesus4iphone)

Super Nintendo (SNES4iPhone)

Scumm (ScummVM)

For those who miss the LucasArts SCUMM interpreter, used in games such as Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Day Of The Tentacle and Sam and Max, here is the emulator for iPhone

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