Think Someone Has Blocked You on WhatsApp? Here Is How to Confirm


Are you having a bad time contacting someone on WhatsApp? Are they completely ignoring you? Maybe they have blocked you and you are just wasting time on sending messages that are not even getting delivered. Due to WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy, you will never be told if anyone has blocked you. You will have to do some investigation yourself to find out the truth (sad truth maybe).

In this post we will tell you five signs that can confirm if you have been blocked. Although there could be other reasons for the negative answer to these signs, when put together they do confirm you’re blocked. Let’s see if you are blocked or not.

Sign #1: Last Seen Time

If you may have noticed, there is a tiny “Last Seen” bar below the name of a WhatsApp user showing when they last came online on WhatsApp. This information is not shown to the blocked user, and if you can’t find this bar below the name of the suspect, then you might have been blocked. However, this information can also be hidden from everyone by the user, so this doesn’t confirm you are blocked.


Sign #2: Check Their Profile Picture

If you see that their profile picture has not been updated for a while (for months that is), then it could mean they have blocked you. Blocked people can’t see the new changes to a profile, so if you are blocked you will not see any changes. However, if they are one of those slugs who don’t like updating their profile much, then it could be a reason for no changes to their profile.

Sign #3: Call Them

You can also directly call the person (in WhatsApp) and see if it reaches. Users don’t receive calls from blocked people, and if you receive no answer, there is a chance they have blocked you. On the other hand, there is also a chance they are out of Internet connectivity range and can’t receive any of the calls.


Sign #4: Confirm They Are Receiving Your Messages

Just like calls, users don’t receive instant messages from blocked users. If you are blocked, you can confirm this by checking the “Double-check” mark next to your sent messages. A single check means the message has not been delivered, a double-check means it has been delivered and a blue double-check means they have read it.


If they have blocked you, your messages will not reach them at all, you will only see a single gray check next to your messages. Again, if they are disconnected from the Internet, they can’t receive your messages, so this also doesn’t confirms 100% that you are blocked.

Sign #5: Add Them to a Group

If anyone has blocked you, you cannot add them to any group. There is no need to test it on an existing group, just create a new group and add the suspect to it. If you get an error that says “Couldn’t add contact,” they may have blocked you.

Confirming All the Signs

If you get a negative answer for all of the signs above, then most probably they have blocked you. If you still want to get 100% confirmation, then you can borrow a phone from another WhatsApp user and add the suspect’s number in it. After that, see all the above mentioned signs from their device. If you get a positive answer for any of the signs, then unfortunately, you are blocked. Otherwise, hang in there, and they should contact you soon.


You can use the above-mentioned signs to confirm if someone has blocked you. If they have blocked you, they must have done this for a good reason, as users don’t block other users for the fun of it. So it is best to stop trying and move on or maybe block them back if revenge satisfies you (they probably won’t find out though). Do let us know in the comments if the above information helped you find out if you are blocked or not.

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