How to Set up and Configure Quiet Hours in Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft is trying to unify the notification system so that instead of each app showing notifications in its own way, it can use the Action Center to display the notifications. For instance, whenever there are updates, weekly virus scan results, or when you receive a Skype or WhatsApp message, a small rectangle box slides in from the bottom-right corner of the screen for a few seconds and then sits in the Action Center to get your attention. These notifications are usually called “Toast Notifications.” From the notification center you can easily dismiss all the notifications as needed when you are done with them.

As useful as it is, there will be times, like in working hours, when you just want these notifications not to bother you with sliding animations, sounds, and other tricks. Thankfully, there is a small feature called Quiet Hours in Windows 10 that disables all the notifications. The following is how to enable Quiet Hours in Windows 10.

Enable Quiet Hours in Windows 10

Enabling the Quiet Hours feature in Windows 10 is as easy as clicking a button. To start, click on the notifications icon appearing on the right-most side of the taskbar.

quiet hours win10 click notifications icon

This action opens the Action Center. If you’ve collapsed the Quick Actions, then click on the “Expand” link.

quiet hours win10 expand quick actions

Cick on the “Quiet Hours” button.

quiet hours win10 enable quiet hours

As an indication that the Quiet Hours feature is enabled, you will see a small half-moon icon on the notification icon.


To disable Quiet Hours click on the “Quiet Hours” button in the Quick Action section to disable it.

quiet hours win10 disable quiet hours

Unfortunately, unlike in Windows 8, there is no way for you to set specific times (like your work hours) to automatically enable and disable the Quiet Hours. You have to manually enable it each and every time.

Disable App Notifications Completely

If you’d rather disable all the app notifications completely, here is how you can do that.

To start, press the Start button and then click on the Settings icon appearing on the left side of the Start Menu. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut “Win + I” to open the Settings app.

quiet hours win10 click on settings icon

In the Settings panel click on the option “System.”

quiet hours win10 click on system

Now, navigate to the “Notifications and Actions” tab appearing on the left side of the window.

quiet hours win10 select notification and actions

Toggle the option under “Get notifications from apps and other senders” to “Off.”

quiet hours win10 disable all app notifications

If you’d rather disable individual apps from displaying the notifications, scroll down and find the “Get notification from these senders.” Here you will find all the apps that can display notifications. Just toggle the button next to the app to disable notifications from that particular app. In my case I’ve disabled notifications from “Asphalt 8: Airborne.”

quiet hours win10 disable specific app notification

Do share your thoughts and experiences about the Quiet Hours feature in Windows 10.

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