Learn Everything from Coding to Design with the Complete Computer Science Bundle


Even though some believe that PCs are dead, I personally feel that they won’t be going away anytime soon (or ever for that matter). You might as well learn all you can about them so that you can better work them for yourself as well as in a high-paying career.

The Complete Computer Science Bundle is a great help as far as programming, technology, and design is concerned; you’ll learn everything from C programming to Java to C++ programming to the Internet of Things (IoT).


If you didn’t take advantage of this bundle when we shared it two weeks ago, here’s a second chance to snag it at just under $40. It includes eight in-depth courses and is great for all levels of experience.

Complete Computer Science Bundle

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You can also add on the Premier Service Bundle for even more features like usage alerts, data rollover, VPN service, and data compression.

SuperNova 3G/4G LTE Hotspot

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